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How to Share Screen on Zoom [Desktop & SmartPhone]

Share your device screen to the participants with the built-in screen-share setting.

Zoom is a video conferencing app that allows users to interact with friends, families, co-workers, employees, and more. You can make both video and audio conferences to conduct online meetings. Along with calls, one can use the chat feature to communicate with the participants. Zoom also supports the screen sharing feature. It allows you to share your device screen with everyone on the Zoom call. Moreover, Zoom can turn your desktop or tablet into a whiteboard so that the participants, including the host, can annotate.

How to Share Screen on Zoom in Desktop [Windows & Mac]

[1] Open the Zoom app on your computer and log in with the necessary credentials.

[2] Select Share Screen.

Share screen

[3] Enter your Sharing Key or Meeting ID and tap the Share option.

 Share Screen on Zoom on Desktop

[4] Now, your screen will be shared with others in the meeting.

How to Share Screen on Zoom During the Meeting

[1] After joining a meeting, click the green Share Screen icon at the bottom of the window.

Share Screen on Zoom during a Meeting

[2] Select the screen that you want to share.

Share Screen on Zoom during a Meeting

[3] Click the Share button in the bottom right corner.

Share Screen on Zoom during a Meeting

[5] To stop sharing, click the red Stop Share button at the top of the page.

Stop Share Screen on Zoom

Note: Generally, Zoom switches to the full-screen view to optimize the sharing screen. To exit it, click Exit full screen or press the Esc key.

Share Screen on Zoom With Audio

[1] Join or Start a Zoom Meeting.

[2] Once you get into the meeting, click the green Share Screen.

[3] Select a Window, Program, or Desktop that you wish to share with Zoom participants.

[4] Make sure to check the Share Sound checkbox at the bottom of the screen.

[5] For changing audio quality settings, tap the Tiny down arrow located near the Share sound label. Choose Mono or Stereo.

Tip: Stereo (High-fidelity) requires high-speed internet, whereas Mono is balanced even with a slower internet connection.

[6] Finally, click the blue Share button to perform Screen Sharing with Audio.

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How to Screen Share Zoom Meeting From Android

[1] Launch Zoom app on Android phone.

[2] Join or host a Zoom meeting.

[2] Tap the Share button.

Screen share on Zoom in Android

[3] Scroll down and click Screen.

Screen share on Zoom in Android

[4] Next, tap on Start now to cast your Android screen with Zoom participants.

Start Now to record Zoom

Note: If you are screen sharing for the first time, you need to enable access for Zoom.

[5] Suppose if you wish to stop sharing, tap the faint gray arrow at the bottom left of your screen.

[6] Lastly, click on Stop Share.

How to Screen Share Zoom Meeting from iPhone and iPad

[1] Join or host a Zoom meeting.

[2] Press the Share Content button at the bottom of the screen.

Select Share Content

[3] Select the Screen from the menu.

Select Screen

[4] Next, you need to access the Control Center.

[5] Tap and press the Screen Recording icon.

Screen Recording

[6] Click Zoom and select Start Broadcast. Now, the countdown begins to let you know that you are recording.

Start Broadcast

[7] To stop sharing, tap the red bar at the top of the screen and click Stop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to Share Screen on Zoom using MacBook Pro?

Launch Zoom on Mac > Click Share Screen > Select your Preferences > Tap Share.

2) How to Screen Share on Zoom call and still see participants?

On the Zoom app, tap on your profile picture and click on Settings. Further, select the Share Screen tab. Lastly, check the Side-by-Side Mode box.

3) How to Share Screen to breakout rooms?

This is possible only if the breakout rooms are opened. Click the Share Screen option from your meeting room. Alongside, turn on the Share to breakout rooms option that appears on the sharing window. Finally, click Share to start sharing to all breakout rooms. 

4) How to Share Screen on Zoom without host permission?

While screen sharing, tap the Up arrow button situated next to the Share Screen button. Next, choose Advanced Sharing Options. Following that, click on All Participants. Now it allows any participant in the Zoom meeting to share their screen.

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