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How to Use Zwift on Apple Watch [With Screenshots]

Stay updated with your Zwift workouts from your wrist using Apple Watch.

Are you a fan of running or cycling and don’t want to take it outside? Then Zwift will be your go-to application. Zwift is simply an online cycling or running and training program in which users can compete and workout in the virtual worlds. Apple Watch is an amazing smartwatch that can perform more than just health tracking. The Zwift app on Apple Watch can be used for different purposes. You can use it to track and broadcast your heart rate, and simultaneously you can also get the speed whatnot. This article will discuss all the exceptional uses and ways to use Zwift on Apple Watch.

Here are the main features of using Zwift on the Watch:

  • Measure the heart rate while running or cycling.
  • Get your daily reports on your activities, progress, goals, and upcoming events.
  • Track heartbeat and save all the activities in the Apple Health ecosystem.

Zwift on Apple Watch

The limitation with Smartwatch is that you can’t use the Zwift app on Apple Watch alone. You would require a paired iPhone or any other Apple device.

Here we are going out for two different scenarios:

  • Apple Watch + Zwift app on iPhone
  • Apple Watch + Zwift app on iPad, PC, Mac, or Apple TV

Apple Watch + Zwift app on iPhone

1) First of all, install the Zwift app on your paired iPhone.

Download Zwift on App Store

2) Now, install the Zwift app on your Smartwatch. You can install it directly on the Watch store and by using the Watch app on your iPhone.

Install Zwift on Apple Watch

3) Open the Zwift app on your iPhone and Smartwatch. Go through the on-screen prompts and sign-in to your account.

Sign up For Zwift

4) Pair the power source, speed monitor, smart trainer, cadence monitor, and the things displayed on the screen.

Start the Ride

5) Start your ride. Tap the menu and then tap the Bluetooth icon on the right-side pane.

Pair with Bluetooth devices

It will bring up all the paired devices.

Pair the devices for Zwift

6) Choose the Heart Rate Monitor, then add your Apple Watch. Now you are ready to go.

Add Apple Watch

7) Tap Let’s Go. Your Apple Watch will connect to the game.

Heart Rate with Zwift on Apple Watch

8) Apple Watch will display your Heart Rate and In Game in green.

Heart Rate on Zwift Screen

You can see the heart rate running on the Zwift screen too.

Apple Watch + Zwift app on iPad, PC, Mac, or Apple TV

There are a few differences in this scenario. You need to run the Zwift app on three devices.

1) You have to install Zwift Companion or Zwift Mobile Link app on your iPhone paired with your Watch.

Download Zwift Companion on App Store

2) Open the Zwift companion app on your iPhone, the Zwift app on your iPad/Mac/PC/Apple TV, and the Zwift app on your Smartwatch.

3) Make sure to connect all your devices to the same Wi-Fi network and ensure they are all signed up with the same Zwift account.

4) Now, follow the below steps one by one

  • Start the ride.
  • Click the Menu icon and then choose Bluetooth.
  • Choose Heart Rate and add your Apple Watch.
  • Tap Let’s Go.

For Zwift, you can use Apple Watch to monitor the heart rate. But it is still in its beta stage. Hence, you can experience few issues while using. Hope you got what you have been looking for. Do let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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