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How to Turn On/Off Sleep Timer on Samsung Smart TV

Enable Sleep Timer on Samsung Smart TV within a few minutes.

Key Highlights

  • Sleep Timer (New version TVs): SettingsGeneral/Privacy System ManagerTimeSleep TimerChoose the duration.
  • On older versions, you will get the Sleep Timer feature as a button on the remote by default, and you can set the timings quickly.

Sleep Timer is one of the unique features offered by Samsung Smart TV to users. With this feature enabled, you can save power when your Smart TV is unused. In addition, if you fall asleep while watching your favorite content on a streaming platform, the Sleep Timer turns off your Smart TV when kept idle for a long period. The best part of the feature is that you can set the time on Sleep Timer upto 180 minutes. Also, you can press Power on the remote to wake your Samsung Smart TV from sleep.

How to Enable Sleep Timer on Samsung Smart TV

[1] Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and press Home on the TV remote.

[2] Navigate to Settings on the Home screen, or press Settings the remote to get the Settings menu.

Select Settings icon

[3] Under Settings, select GeneralSystem Manager or Privacy System Manager.

choose the System Manager

[4] In the next screen, select Time.

[5] Select Sleep Timer and choose the duration to turn off your Smart TV after being idle for a particular time.

The timings available in the Sleep Timer are,

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • 180 minutes
Choose the time to turn on Sleep Timer on Samsung TV

[6] Choose the desired timing, and select OK the remote to turn on the timer. If you want to turn it off, select Off.

Tips! You can clear the cache on your Samsung Smart TV to improve its performance and use it efficiently.

How to Turn On Sleep Timer on Older Samsung Smart TV Models

Compared to the latest models, turning on the sleep timer on older models of Samsung TVs is pretty simple. In addition, you will get a Sleep Timer button on the remote where you just need to press the button to launch the sleep timer settings. Once enabled the timer, choose the timing that starts from 10 minutes to 150 minutes. If you want to disable it, choose Off.

Tips! You can turn off the Voice Guide on Samsung Smart TV (newer and older models) if you don’t need the feature anymore.

How to Turn On Sleep Timer Using TV Buttons

There are certain circumstances where your Samsung Smart TV remote may not work as expected. In these scenarios, you can use the buttons on your Smart TV to navigate and set the sleep timer. However, the placement of buttons varies depending on the model of the Samsung TV. You can use the navigation buttons to launch Home, Settings, Source, Power off, and Return. By using these shortcuts, you can enable the sleep timer even when you don’t have the remote.

How to Enable Sleep Timer on Samsung 7 Series [LCD TV]

You can also set the Sleep Timer on the older versions of Samsung Smart TV.

[1] Press Menu on the remote to launch the options.

[2] Using the navigation keys ▲ or ▼ choose Setup, and press Enter.

[3] Similarly, select Time using the navigation keys and press Enter.

[4] Select Sleep Timer and choose the desired time.

[5] Once you have chosen the time, press Exit.

Sleep Timer on older models of Samsung TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you set a Sleep Timer on Samsung Smart TV without a remote?

If your TV remote is not working fine, you can use the Smart Things remote app to control your Smart TV and enable the Sleep Timer.

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