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How to View a Private Twitter Account

Possible Ways to access the Private account on Twitter.

The Private account on Twitter is safe and has more privacy features than a public account. If you want to access or view a Private account on Twitter, it is almost a next-to-impossible task. However, there are some workarounds that you can try to view a Private account on Twitter. All the possible ways are mentioned below.

How to Know Whether that Account is Private?

It is simple to know whether that account is a private one or not. Simply click on any profile on Twitter. If you see a Lock symbol (🔒) on their profile, it clearly says that the account is a private one.

Private account on Twitter.

How to View a Private Twitter Account

If you want to view the private account, the only way is to send them on a follow request. If that person accepts your request, you can connect with them.

1. Go to the profile page of the Private account that you want to follow.

2. Tap on the Follow button.

Click on the Follow button

3. Once that person accepts your request, you can view all the tweets posted by that Private Twitter account holder.

4. If the Twitter account is deleted by the user, you can’t see any tweets.

Is It Possible to View a Private Account Without Following?

No, as of now, there is no possible way to access a Private account without the following request. But, there are some third-party tools claiming that they can view Private accounts. We tried all the tools and even paid a subscription to access them. But, it ended in vain. However, some say that you can see Private account tweets using Google Search. We tried this and had no luck. If you want, you can try this on your own.

Using Google Search

1. Open a new tab on Google and enter Twitter_name. Instead of name, enter the name of that private account holder (eg: Twitter_techowns).

2. By chance, if Google stores the Twitter cache accidentally, you will get a chance to view all the tweets of that private account. If the user deleted the Twitter cache, you can’t get anything from the Google search.

Uses Private Twitter Account on Twitter

Social media platforms and privacy is a cat & mouse games. No matter how private you are in social media, you are always under the scanner. To protect your Twitter account with an extra layer of privacy, the Private Account feature is introduced. Some of the benefits are,

  • You can approve or deny all the follow requests that you get on Twitter. No one can follow you without your approval.
  • All the tweets that you make will only be visible to your followers and following persons.
  • Your tweets are protected and cannot be viewed by any third-party tools
  • All the media that you share can be seen only within your friend’s circle and will not be posted publicly.

Are All My Tweets Protected by Using a Private Account?

Yes. If you make your Twitter account private, all the tweets that you make are safe and protected by default. Your tweets will be visible in public only if you convert your private account into a public one. But keep in mind that the person who is following you can still see your tweets and might capture them and share them with anyone.

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