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Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On: Fixes and Solutions

Try to fix the Nintendo Switch won't Turn ON issue by yourself.

Nintendo Switch is one of the first-rated gaming consoles available right now. But even the best consoles have their own problems. Sometimes, Nintendo Switch won’t turn on or display a blank screen when you try to turn on. These are some minor issues that can be solved by doing some simple things. If you experience the same issue on your console, there is no need for the Nintendo Service Centre you can solve it on your own. Nintendo won’t turn on is one of the common issues.

Solutions for Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On

  • Hard Reset
  • Reset AC Adapter
  • Charge the Device
  • Factory Reset

Hard Reset

If your console won’t turn on, Hard Reset is the best thing to do. Press & hold the Power button for twelve seconds, and the console will turn off. Now, press it again to turn on the console. Most of the time, this will resolve the Nintendo Switch won’t turn problem. Still, it doesn’t turn on, go for the next method.

FYI: How to Reset Nintendo Switch (with and without losing data)

Nintendo Switch Won't Turn On

Reset AC Adapter

Power AC Adapter

Unplug the AC adapter from both ends and leave it for a minute. Check the AC Adapter for any damages. If any damages found, replace the adapter with a new one. Always use the AC adapter that comes with the console. If the adapter has no damages, charge the console and try again.

Charge the Console

Sometimes, your Nintendo console won’t turn on due to the sufficient charge. Charge the Console for a while. When the console is charged, it will display either of the three screens.

Nintendo Switch Won't Turn On

The Entrance Screen: If the console displays the entrance screen, leave it on the charging mode. Use the console normally after it is fully charged. Check whether that you are using the latest system software.

Nintendo Switch Won't Turn On

The Battery Charge Indicator: If the charging indicator is displayed on a blank screen, that means the console has no charge. Leave the console for an hour and turn it on. If the console is turned on, ensure that you have the updated Nintendo Switch OS.

Nintendo Switch Won't Turn On

The Blank Screen: If the blank screen appears, try the hard reset once again. Still, it is not turning on, and it means that the console is not charging. Now, try a different wall outlet or try with another AC adapter. If the issue persists, contact the Nintendo Support.

Blank Screen

Factory Reset

Factory Reset is the last solution for this issue. Power off the console by pressing the Power button for twelve seconds. When the device is in the Shutdown mode, press and hold the volume up and down button for a few seconds, and press the Power button again. You will get the Recovery Mode screen. Use the on-screen procedure to do the Factory Reset. If the Recovery Mode screen is not displayed, you need to contact the Nintendo Support.

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If any of the above solutions won’t resolve your issue, get your Nintendo Switch console to the Service Centre. Don’t do anything fancy on your own. If you do, you may damage the console or its internal things. If you have any specific issues on your console, tell us in the comments section. We will give you a solution.

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