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How to Get a Free Trial of Spotify Premium

Get Spotify free trial for an uninterrupted ad-free music listening experience

Key Highlights

  • From the Web: Visit the Spotify website Choose membership plan Enter Credit/Debit card details Get free trial.
  • On Android: Spotify app → Library → Settings Go Premium Get Premium → Enter credit/debit card details Get free trial.
  • Those who purchased the latest Samsung phone will get the Spotify premium free trial for 3 months.
  • You can also use third-party apps like TikTok and Walmart Plus to get Spotify Premium free trial.

Spotify is an audio streaming service in which you can listen to millions of songs on Android, iPhones, and PCs. Anyone can opt for Spotify’s free version and listen to music that contains ads with limited audio streaming features. However, by upgrading to Spotify premium, you can listen to ad-free music and unlock all extra features according to the membership plan. Upon getting Spotify Premium, you can get a free trial for 1 month, and you can cancel the subscription at no charge before the end of the trial.

Spotify Premium Subscriptions

Spotify premium offers four different membership plans to users.


How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial on the Web

[1] Open any web browser on your PC or smartphone and head to the official Spotify Premium website.

[2] From there, click the Get Started button to get re-direct to choose your membership plans.

Click Get Started

[3] Choose your membership plan from the four options and hit Get Started.

Select Get Started to get Spotify free trial

[4] After that, enter your email and password and click log In before continuing. If you don’t have an account, click Sign Up at the bottom of the page to create a new account.

Click Log In

Tip: If you don’t remember the password of your Spotify account, you need to learn the steps to change your Spotify password to reset it.

[5] Enter the credit/debit card details and click the Start My Spotify Premium button to proceed to the next step.

[6] Finally, hit the Start Free Trial to access Spotify Premium free trial for 1 Month.

Click Start Free Trial

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial on App

If you’re an Android user, you can get Spotify Premium right from the Spotify app. However, due to some Apple restrictions, you can’t subscribe to Spotify Premium through the app for iPhone and iPad.

[1] Launch the Spotify app on your Android smartphone. You can get it installed from the Google Play Store.

[2] After that, log in with your user credentials.

[3] When opened, navigate to the Library option at the bottom.

[4] From there, open Settings (Gear icon) at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap Settings

[5] Then, select Go Premium.

Hit Go Premium

[6] Now, you can see Get Premium, click it.

Click Get Premium to get Spotify free trial

[7] Enter your credit/debit card details and complete the purchase.

enter your details to get Spotify free trial

[8] Finally, after purchasing Spotify Premium, you can get a trial for 1 month right from your app.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial For New Samsung Galaxy Users

Samsung users who purchase new Galaxy smartphones and tablets between May 31, 2022, to May 30, 2023, can redeem Spotify Premium free trial for 3 months. The offer is available only for customers who are new to Spotify Premium with at least 18 years of age. You can visit the website to get detailed information and to claim your free trial.

Spotify Premium free trial of 3 month for Galaxy users

To get the Spotify 3-month trial on a Samsung phone,

[1] Open the Spotify app on your Samsung phone.

[2] Log in/Create an account

[3] Select Premium tab

[4] Choose Spotify Premium for Samsung

[5] Click Try 3-Months Free.

How to Get Spotify 4 Months Free Trial on TikTok

Spotify gets along with TikTok and offers eligible members of the TikTok community with a nearly 4-month trial of Spotify Premium. The offer will apply only to users who are not subscribed to Spotify Premium before and have a TikTok profile above age 18 in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Turkey. The eligible user will receive a unique Spotify free trial code which can be redeemed

Spotify Premium free trial of four months for TikTok users

[1] Open the TikTok app on your smartphone.

[2] Select the TikTok Records badge on the For You page, or from the Discover page, you’ll find TikTok x Spotify Rewards banner.

[4] From there, type Spotify and hit search.

[5] Now, click the Get 4 months for free button to get a free trial for 4 months.

How to Get Spotify Free Trial for 6 Months by Sign Up for Walmart Plus

Similar to TikTok, Spotify and Walmart Plus get a partnership and offer 6 months as a trial offer for new and existing Walmart Plus members who sign up for Walmart Membership ($12.95/month or $98/year). The offer starts on March 8, 2022, and will continue until March 6, 2023. You can redeem this offer via Spotify app on your device or by visiting Walmart’s landing page.

Spotify free trial of 6 months for Walmart Plus users

How to Cancel Spotify Free Trial

If you’re bored or unsatisfied with Spotify premium on the free trial, you can cancel the Spotify Premium Subscription anytime after subscribing.

[1] Visit the Spotify Login page on your PC.

[2] Click the Profile icon at the top right corner.

[3] Choose the Account option from the drop-down menu.

[4] After that, select Subscription from the options right to your Account.

[5] Now, select View Your Options under Cancel Your Subscription.

[6] Then, select Click here to cancel the cancellation page.

Select Click here to cancel the cancellation page

Tip: If you come across Spotify Connect Not Working issue, then it can be fixed with the stable internet, restarting the device, updating the app, etc.

[7] State your reason for cancellation and hit Cancel Subscription.

Click Cancel Sunscription

[8] Finally, click Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription.

Click Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription


1. How much is Spotify for a year?

You can get Spotify premium for $99/year.

2. Can I get Spotify Premium for free?

Yes. Using Spotify MOD apk, you can get Spotify Premium for free of cost.

3. Is there a Spotify free trial for students available?

Yes. There is s Spotify free trial student plan. It requires the student to be above 18 years and studying in an accredited college or university.

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