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How to Enable Dark Mode on Vivaldi Browser [PC & Smartphone]

Enable dark mode on Vivaldi to have a new experience on surfing.

Key Highlights

  • On Desktop: Launch Vivaldi → Click the Settings icon → Open the Start Page Settings → Choose the Themes option → Go to the Library tab → Select the Dark Theme.
  • On Android: Open the Vivaldi app → Click the Profile icon → Open the Settings menu → Select the Theme option → Choose the Dark Mode.

Vivaldi is a free and customizable web browser with lots and loads of smart features, including an in-built Ad Blocker, page capture, clone tab, notes, and dark mode. You can enable the dark mode on the Vivaldi browser through your Desktop or Android smartphone app. With the dark mode feature, you can enhance the battery performance and reduce eye strain by darkening the blue light emitted by the device.

How to Get Dark Mode on Vivaldi [PC]

[1]. Open the Vivaldi browser on your PC.

[2]. Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Click on the Settings icon

[3]. After that, click on the Open Start Page Settings button at the bottom.

click on the Open Start Page Settings button

[4]. A new window named Vivaldi Settings: Start Page will open. Select the Themes option on the left side panel.

[5]. Choose the Library tab, and then select the Dark Theme to enable it on the browser.

select the Dark Theme

[6]. Or scroll down to the Theme Schedule section and select any one of the following options.

  • Operating System: Here, you can choose a based on your PC settings. If you choose Dark in the Light drop-down menu, the browser will run on dark mode when you turn on light mode on Windows or Mac PC. The same goes for the Dark drop-down menu.
Turn on Vivaldi Dark Mode from Theme Schedule section
  • Manual Schedule: Here, you can add a timestamp to enable or disable the dark mode. You can add any number of timestamps to the schedule and choose a theme for each schedule.
Turn on Vivaldi Dark Mode on Editor tab

[7]. Alternatively, click on the Editor tab and choose the Dark option from the drop-down list. Then, hit the Enable button next to it to turn on the dark mode feature on the Vivaldi browser. Here, you can customize the intensity of the colors.

[8]. Now, the dark theme will be enabled on the Vivaldi browser. Start surfing the web pages in the dark theme.

Vivaldi Dark Mode

How to Turn On Vivaldi Dark Mode on Android Smartphone

[1]. Launch the Vivaldi browser on your Android smartphone. If you are using the older version, we suggest you update the app from the Play Store.

[2]. From the home screen, click on the Profile icon at the top right corner.

click on the Profile icon

[3]. Tap on the Settings gear icon on the toolbar from the menu list.

Tap on the Settings gear icon

[4]. Scroll down to find the Appearance section and tap the Theme option.

tap the Theme option to get the Vivaldi Dark Mode

[5]. Under Theme, select the Dark Mode option to enable the night mode on the Vivaldi browser.

select the Dark Mode option on the Vivaldi browser.

[6] If you want, you can turn on the Dark Mode for Web Pages toggle to get a dark background on all the websites.

[7] Once you enable the dark mode, you will get the Dark Theme Checkbox on every website you visit on the browser. Untick the checkbox to get the light mode for the specific website.

Alternate Method to Enable Dark Mode on Vivaldi

[1]. Configure the Vivaldi browser app to follow the System Settings.

  • Open the browser appProfile iconSettings icon → Theme Follow System.
Enable Dark Mode on Vivaldi

[2]. Next, turn on system-wide dark mode on Android.

[3]. Launch the Vivaldi app. You will get the dark theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the Vivaldi browser app on iOS?

Unfortunately, the Vivaldi browser is not available on App Store. The Vivaldi iOS app is the process and soon, it will be rolled out for all users across the world.

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