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How to Get & Watch Netflix on DirecTV Stream Box

Get Netflix on DirecTV and stream your favorite movies and series.

Key Highlights

  • Using Apps Section: Go to Home → Select Apps → Choose Netflix.
  • Using Channel Number: Go to Channel 192 → Select Netflix.

When I upgraded my Netflix subscription from Standard to Premium, I installed the app on all my devices. In my DirecTV Stream Box, I got the Netflix app from the Apps section. Apart from the Apps section, the Netflix platform is also available on Channel 192 in DirecTV Box. The app is available only for DirecTV Stream and DirecTV Gemini.

If you are new to DirecTV Box, you can use this guide to get the Netflix app on your streaming box. Here, I have mentioned all the possible ways to access the Netflix application on the streaming box.

How to Get Netflix on DirecTV

You can access Netflix on the streaming box in two ways.

Access Netflix Through Apps

1. Connect the DirecTV Stream set-up box to your Smart TV and turn it on.

2. To access apps, connect your Smart TV to the WiFi network.

3. Press Home on your DirecTV remote to get the Home screen.

4. Go to Apps and look for the Netflix app.

5. Once you have found the app, press OK to launch.

Netflix Channel on DirecTV Box

1. Go to Channel 192 on your DirecTV Stream using the remote.

2. Select the channel to launch Netflix.

How to Add Netflix on DirecTV

Mostly, Netflix is available on DirecTV as a pre-loaded app. If you don’t have Netflix, you can add the app from the Google Play Store.

1. Fetch your DirecTV remote and press the Apps or Diamond button.

2. Navigate to the Play Store and search Netflix.

3. Install the app and launch it.

How to Create Netflix Account on DirecTV

1. After launching the Netflix app, select Join Now at the bottom.

Netflix sign up

2. Enter the mobile number you like to link with your Netflix account.

3. Select Send, and you will receive a text to your mobile number.

4. Tap the text to start signing up on Netflix.

5. Tap Next, and set the account credentials (email ID & password).

Netflix on DirecTV sign up

6. Select Next, choose the desired plan, and complete the payment by tapping on Start Membership.

7. After that, choose the device and create profiles for your friends or family.

8. The Netflix app refreshes on your Smart TV. Now, you can select the profile and start streaming the content.

9. If the app didn’t refresh, select Sign In and enter your account credentials to access the app.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on DirecTV

1. Get back to the home screen on Netflix.

2. Now, press Back or Last on the remote.

3. Choose the Settings option.

4. Tap the Sign Out button. If you don’t want to sign out, you can select Exit to close the app without signing out.

Netflix Sign out

5. Select Yes on the confirmation screen.

Sign out confirmation

Netflix Plans and Pricing

Unlike other streaming, Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial to new users. Therefore, to access Netflix, you must subscribe to the premium membership plans to get exclusive benefits.

Standard With Ads$6.99

Get any of these subscriptions from the Netflix website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Netflix button available on the DirecTV remote?

No, there is no remote shortcut button available for Netflix on the remote.

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