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How to Insert Star Symbol on Keyboard

Easy ways to get your desired star symbol on a keyboard.

The Star symbol on the keyboard is commonly referred to as Asterisk or big dots. It is used to perform mathematical multiplications. There are different types of star symbols available to insert and use. Each has different meanings, such as beautiful, magic, inspiration, imagination, dreams, occupation, and many more. The different kinds of stars were designed by Hermann Zapf in the year 1977.

Star Symbol on Keyboard

The Windows keyboard has the number keys embedded with more than one function. Normally it works as a number key, but you can use it along with the Shift key combination to perform an additional function. The star symbol is assigned to the number 8.

Also, if you want to auto press any keyboard key, you can use the online auto key presser tool. It helps to press the keyboard key automatically.

To get the star symbol on a Windows computer or laptop, simply press Shift + 8. The star symbol will be inserted into your documents.

Insert Star Symbols

How to Make a Star Symbol Using Insert Menu

You can use the Insert menu to add the start symbol in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other software.

#1: Open the Word document or Spreadsheet on your computer.

#2: Place the insert pointer in your document where you want to insert the Star symbol.

#3: Now click the Insert menu and click the Symbols option.

Click Insert

#4: Click More Symbols and then enter Windings 2 in the Font text box.

Select More Symbols - Star Symbol on Keyboard

#5: Scroll down and select the star which you want to insert and finally click Insert.

Select the Symbol and click Insert - Star Symbol on Keyboard

Now the selected star is added to your document or spreadsheet cell.

How to Insert Star Symbol Using Character Map [Windows]

#1: Open the Character Map application on your Windows PC.

#2: Tick the Advanced view checkbox and enter Star in the Search for: box.

#3: The available Star symbols will appear.

#4: Click on the star symbol to select it.

#5: Then, tap the Copy button.

Character Map

#6: Now, paste the star symbol anywhere you want.

How to Insert Star Symbol Using Character Viewer [Mac]

#1: Open the Character Viewer app on your Mac PC.

#2: Enter star in the search box and search for it.

#3: The available star symbols on your Mac will appear.

#4: A single click on the symbol will give you the preview. Double-click on the symbol will copy the symbol.

Character Viewer app

#5: Then, paste in anywhere you want.

How to Insert Star Symbol on Smartphone Keyboard

All the smartphones have the star symbol by default. Go to your smartphone keyboard and click the Symbols icon. Look for the star symbol. Just tap on it to enter the symbol.

Star symbol on smartphone

How to Use Shortcuts to Insert Different Types of Stars?

There are more than 30 different types of star symbols available to insert. Here is the list of commonly used stars and the shortcut methods to insert the different star symbols manually.

Press and hold the Alt Key and press the decimals using the Number pad to insert the desired star in your document.

If you are using the Alt+X shortcut, first enter the appropriate code and then press the Alt + X keys to insert the desired star.

Star like Symbol and Shortcut Codes

Symbol NameSymbolAlt + Code(Code) & Press Alt + X
Star or Asterick*42002A
Black Star97332605 
Star operator890222C6 
White Star /
Light Star
Star And Crescent9770262A
Outlined White Star9885269D 
Star Of David100172721 
Four teardrop-spoked Star100182722 
Heavy four balloon-spoked Star100192724 
Four club-spoked Star100212725 
Black four-pointed Star100222726
White four-pointed Star100232727
Stress Outlined White Star100252729 
Circled White Star10026272A 
Open center black Star10027272B
Black center white Star10028272C 
Outlined black Star10029272D 
Heavy outlined black Star
Pinwheel Star100312730 
Shadowed White Star100322730
Left half black Star112402BE8
Right half black Star112412BE9
Star with left half black112422BEA
Star with right half black112432BEB
Heavy asterisk100332731
Eight Pointed Black Star100362734 
Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star100372735 
Six Pointed Black Star100382736
Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star100392737 
Heavy Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star100402738 
Twelve Pointed Black Star100412739 
Heavy teardrop-spoked asterisk10045273D 
Circled open center eight-pointed Star100502742 
Heavy chevron snowflake100542746 
Heavy sparkle100562748 
Black small Star110892B51 
White small Star110902B52 
Glowing Star🌟1277751F31F 
Six-pointed Star with a middle dot🔯1283031F52F 
Circling Stars💫1281711F4AB
Shooting Star🌠1277761F320 
Star equals8795225B 
APL Functional Symbol Circle Star9055235F
APL Functional Symbol Star Diaeresis90592363

Also, check out Common Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts on Mac and Windows.

These are the different ways to insert a star symbol using the keyboard on word or Excel spreadsheets. You can use either Insert Menu or Alt + code or the Alt + X method to insert the needed star in your sheet or document.


1. What is the star symbol called on a keyboard?

The Star symbol is named as an asterisk (*).

2. What are * used for?

The * symbol is used to indicate a footnote. Sometimes, it is used to replace cuss letters or words.

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