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How to Get Twitter App on Apple Watch

Get Twitter on your Apple Watch by installing "Chirp for Twitter" app.

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Apple Watch is one of the most used Apple products among users. With the Apple Watch, you can perform multiple actions, such as messaging, calling, and listening to songs. There are some apps that you can’t install on your Apple Watch, but you can still receive notifications. One of the apps you can’t use on the Apple Watch is Twitter.

Unfortunately, in 2017 with the new version of Twitter (v 7.8), the app got removed permanently from the Apple Watch. But, you can still receive the notifications on the watch by using the third-party app called Chirp for Twitter.

How to Get Twitter on your Apple Watch

[1]. Unlock your iPhone and go to App Store.

[2]. Type Chirp for Twitter on the search bar.

[3]. Select the app from the search results, and tap Get to install the app.

Install Chirp for Twitter app

[4]. Next, launch the Chirp for Twitter app on your iPhone.

[5]. Sign in with the Twitter account credentials.

[6]. Install the same app on your Apple Watch.

[7]. Link the Chrip for Twitter app on your watch to your Twitter account.

Link Chirp for Twitter app on Apple watch to iPhone.

Now, you can start using the Twitter app on your smartwatch.

How to Turn on Twitter Notifications on your Apple Watch

[1]. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone. If you don’t have an app, install it from App Store.

[2]. Log in to your Twitter account using the necessary credentials

[3]. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and navigate to the notification section.

[4]. Toggle the Notification Indicator to On.

Enable notification on app

[5]. Scroll down and find Twitter from the list. Turn on the notification for Twitter.

Turn on Twitter notification on iPhone

That’s it. You start receiving notifications on your Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to turn off Twitter notifications on Apple Watch?

[i] Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
[ii] Go to the Notification section.
[iii] Disable the toggle switch to turn off the notification on your Apple Watch.

2. Is Viber Available on Apple Watch?

Earlier, you could access Viber on the Apple Watch by using the app. Unfortunately, the app will be removed permanently from the Apple Watch in 2020 and is not accessible anymore.

3. How to restart the Apple Watch?

You should restart your Apple Watch for certain reasons, such as not responding, slow performance, etc. You can restart it in two ways with the help of the side button.

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