Unveiling the Best Resources to Kickstart Your Coding Journey

Most students choose programming as their main field to get a degree. However, most learners are not sure enough if they can succeed in this sphere, and this may even become a reason why they decide not to try.

Learning to code online has become really trendy, and students do their best to present good results in this sphere. If one lacks experience, he/she can always turn to expert coding help at CodingHomeworkHelp. But how to make sure programming is for you?

In this article, we have collected some relevant resources that could come in handy to start your programming career and boost your progress in this sphere. And, of course, see if this particular sphere suits you. Let’s go!

Why Learning to Code is Essential in Today’s Digital World

Our world is highly digitalized, and being aware of coding is a great bonus that can help not only be useful but also earn good money as this field is in high demand. However, the coding field is very popular; it requires much effort and permanent studying to always be up-to-date.

Real-world Success Stories: Transformations Through Coding

If you are interested in programming and want to try your hand in this direction, yet you are not sure and do not want to waste your time or money on trials, you can turn to those who have already passed this route and get their feedback. Here are some ways to get valuable arguments and listen to success stories that could help you make your own choice.

  • Reviews. Read the reviews written by former students who have passed a particular course and see whether they are satisfied, whether their expectations were met, and if they face any issues, what kind of obstacles these were.
  • Mates’ experience. Maybe some of your close people have already taken such online coding courses and can share their thoughts with you. Well, this option is really important as such feedback is more reliable, and you can fully rely on it.

5 Top Online Platforms for Learning Coding: A Comparative Overview

Well, we have already mentioned some tops for you to consider if you think about applying for a coding course, and now let’s have a look at some of the top-rated courses available today that can help you pave your way to the programming field.


About the platform: At this beginner-friendly platform, you get an opportunity to practice your coding skills in real time within their platform. 

Languages covered: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, etc.

Requirements: The platform is accessible to every willing person and has no specific requirements learners have to follow in order to join them. Moreover, if you have little or no experience in coding, you can still study programming here. 

Pricing: Codecademy offers free access to a limited number of courses, and if interested, you can also get a premium subscription – Codecademy Pro. The subscription is available on a monthly and yearly basis. The Pro version will cost you $19,99 per month or $15,99 per month if paid immediately for the whole year of access.


About the platform: FreeCodeCamp is targeted at coding for beginners and aspiring developers. With this project-based platform, students work on real-world projects and get much practical experience in coding. The platform offers various coding certifications you can choose from.

Languages covered: FreeCodeCamp offers  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Databases, Git & GitHub, Node.js, React.js, and D3.js

Requirements: Learners of all skill levels can join the platform.

Pricing: This is an absolutely free platform that has no hidden fees or subscription costs.

Khan Academy

About the platform: This is one of the platforms that offers instructional videos on various topics students can watch from the rest of their homes. The platform offers not only programming education. Here, you can find online courses across different subjects like Maths, Science, History, Computer science, etc.

Languages covered: Basics of programming, algorithms, and computer science principles.

Requirements: The platform is targeted at learners of all ages, from elementary school to those adults who want to master new skills.

Pricing: This is a free platform with no additional fees.

GitHub Learning Lab

About the platform: This is one of the best interactive coding platforms that offer totally project-based learning so that students can earn practical experience.

Languages covered: The GitHub Learning Lab aims to help students master their Git and GitHub skills.

Requirements: The platform is open to students who already have GitHub accounts. As this platform is targeted at learners who need to master their skills, it requires a basic understanding of Git and GitHub.

Pricing: This platform is free to use.


About the platform: This platform focuses on competitive programming and technical skills assessment, offering various coding challenges to make students’ coding internships effective and master their skills. HackerRank is known not only for educational purposes but it is also well known among companies for technical hiring assessments.

Languages covered: Python, SQL, C++, etc.

Requirements: This platform is open for all willing learners, not matter whether they have experience in programming or not.

Pricing: The platform is free for educational purposes, but it also offers a premium subscription for companies that want to use it for technical hiring assessments.

The Importance of Certifications in Your Coding Career

When choosing a coding course, we recommend paying attention to whether they provide their students with certifications after the program. This is a great benefit as long as it is evidence that you have taken the course, listened to certain material, and done practical assignments to master your skills. Nowadays, hiring companies pay close attention to candidates, and the certificate will definitely be your extra bonus point among the other candidates. Moreover, some companies even pay attention to the schools their candidates have attended, the courses they have taken, and some other information you may not even realize that matters.

The Role of Documentation and Projects in Mastering Coding

Some courses presented above offer real-world projects and documentation, and this is a true benefit as such experience is not fake just to show the theoretical information in practice. These projects are usually assessed by professionals at real companies. You can get expert feedback, or your work may impress the company and bring you your first job proposal.

Interactive Learning vs. Traditional Courses: What Suits You Best?


One of the trickiest questions today is the one concerning the type of learning. Some students prefer interactive classes, but others are used to traditional ones. Both alternatives have their pros and cons, yet both have the right to exist. Let’s have a deeper look at these two options so everyone can choose the one to their liking and demands. 

Interactive learning

This is one of the approaches to education when the process is built on technological support and involves different tools in the learning process.  


  • Involvement. This offers an ability to make every side of the process involved in the discussion and workload. Thanks to this option, all students can enjoy in-class practice and earn their own experience. 
  • Feedback. Every student gets feedback concerning their work immediately, and this makes the studying process dynamic and helps learners correct their mistakes promptly unless the material is fresh.
  • Opportunities. Interactive classes provide more opportunities as students and teachers can work from different places, not wasting time on the way to a certain location.


  • The tech issues. This approach is all about technology. Unfortunately, students may not have access to suitable devices, or their internet connection may not be stable enough. Thus, such a high dependence on technology can be a trouble.
  • Home-alone issues. Some people really need that social aspect, but the interactive approach usually does not give such an opportunity. Of course, students can communicate during online classes, but this is usually an exception rather than a rule.

Traditional learning


  • Structure. Such courses usually follow a certain curriculum where every step is described, and one can even see the route he/she is going to take.
  • Social interaction. These courses usually include in-class activities, where students are gathered to solve issues and complete group projects that definitely make such classes targeted at live communication.
  • Personalized approach. Face-to-face interactions with instructors can be beneficial if a student has questions. They can address their teacher and get an immediate answer, even with by-hand edits.


  • Limited flexibility. Compared to the interactive approach, the traditional one lacks some flexibility for students. Not all learners need the same amount of time to complete a task or comprehend a question, and with the traditional approach, students usually have to stick to time limitations and always try to keep up with those who work faster.
  • Lack of real-world experience. Traditional classes are usually targeted at theoretical material. Even though students may discuss some cases, these are mostly fake just to provide an example.
  • The location issue. Such classes take place in a particular physical place where students have to come in person. This could be real trouble if a student wants to access a course situated in another city or even country. 

None of these approaches is better or worse as each has its own benefits and limitations, and it is totally up to you which option to choose based on your demands and preferences.

From Novice to Pro: Structuring Your Learning Path in Coding

As already mentioned, the coding sphere requires constant study to stay current with programming novelties and trends. Thus, if you decide to pursue this path, you should be ready to polish your skills constantly and broaden your mind in order to stay in demand with clients. Some coders even decide to study all programming languages to be jacks of all trades.

Navigating Through Coding Languages: Which One to Start With?

Well, what languages are in demand these days? What to start with? If these are just the questions you bear in mind, proceed reading.

  • Python: This language is known for its readability and simplicity. It is used in used in web development, AI tools, etc. While this is a great option for beginners, this language is not a good idea for performance-critical apps.
  • JavaScript: This language is essential for front-end and back-end development. It can be quite challenging for beginners, but it definitely deserves their effort.
  • Scratch: This is a great option for beginners that helps students comprehend fundamental programming concepts without worrying about syntax. Unless this language may not be suitable for real-world coding projects, this is a perfect way to learn how programming works. 

Leveraging Community Support and Forums for Learning Coding

Coding communities, as well as coding forums, are quite important. Sharing success and challenging questions with others can motivate one to find solutions to these issues. Also, turning to more experienced people for help can offer one to get several perspectives concerning problem-solving skills. Another benefit is an opportunity to get feedback as well as some tips on how to succeed on one’s career path. 

So, when you have such a possibility to join a support community or forums, do not neglect such a beneficial option.


What are the best resources to start learning coding?

Here are some of the best online coding resources to consider: Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, Khan Academy, GitHub Learning Lab, and HackerRank.

How do I choose the right programming language to learn first?

If you are a newbie in the coding field, it would be better to start with simple languages that do not require much knowledge and effort. Pay attention to those that show how programming algorithms work and do not mind if this particular language is not suitable for complex missions.

Are online coding courses effective for beginners?

There is no correct answer, as both traditional and interactive approaches have their own pros and cons. You should consider all the benefits and limitations of each alternative and choose the one that will cover your personal needs and preferences.

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