Top 6 Best Lyrics App For iPad To Sing Along

These lyrics apps for iPad will increase your love for music.

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” – Leopold Stokowski. Can you imagine your life without music? For most of us, living in this world without hearing wonderful songs or music is unimaginable. While listening, you come across the tracks which you find difficult to understand the lyrics. It is also useful when you are listening to songs in languages that you are not familiar with. As music has no language, you may fall in love with the song and you would be keen on finding the meaning of the song lyrics. With the help of best iPad lyrics app, you can find lyrics for all the tracks from your iPad with ease.

Best Lyrics App for iPad

Without any further delay, have a look at our list of best lyrics app for iPad devices:

  1. Shazam
  2. Lyrics Mania
  3. Musixmatch Lyrics Finder
  4. Genius
  5. Soundhound Music Search
  6. Camena

Shazam – Music Discovery

Price: Free

Shazam is one of the popular music player apps which emerged as the best lyrics app for music lovers. People around the world are using this app to discover various artists, lyrics, videos & playlists. Moreover, the app is completely free to download and use. With a single click, you can find lyric for all the tracks with ease.

Shazam Lyrics App for iPad

Notable features:

  • Find the title of any track within a few seconds
  • Watch music videos from services including YouTube, Apple Music and more
  • You can find lyrics even in offline mode
  • Sync music contents across multiple devices

Lyrics Mania

Price: Free/in-app purchases also available

Lyrics Mania is yet another best app which you can use to find lyrics for all tracks on your iPad. The app provides you features like grabbing the lyrics automatically, music ID recognition, identifying the songs playing in the background and more.

Lyrics Mania Lyrics App for iPad

Notable features:

  • Listen to your favourite music and get lyrics in real-time
  • You can integrate Lyrics Mania with external media players
  • Unlock premium (1,49$/month or $9,49/year) for advanced features
  • Enormous collection of lyrics database
  • Create a picture and import the song lyrics to the image

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Price: Free/in-app purchases also available

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder is the next one on our list for best lyrics apps. The application has the largest lyrics database to give synchronized lyrics for all the tracks. Unlike other apps, Musixmatch lets you translate the lyrics to different languages. Purchase Musixmatch premium to unlock the features like party mode, offline lyrics and to remove advertisements.

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder Lyrics App for iPad

Notable features:

  • Supports integrating with third-party streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube to get synced lyrics
  • Identify and find lyrics for the songs that are playing around you
  • Line by line lyrics translator
  • Get lyrics even in lock screen

Genius: Song Lyrics & More

Price: Free

Genius is a free lyric app for iPad. You can find annotated lyrics for nearly 1.7+ million songs with-in the Genius app. The app also hosts the interview videos of popular artists. Like Musixmatch Lyrics Finder, it displays the lyrics for songs that are playing on other music apps. Just, hold down the phone nearby to the music and tap the soundwave button on the Genius app to get the lyrics.

Genius: Song Lyrics for iPad

Notable features:

  • Compatible with all the music players
  • Delivers background story of the tracks
  • Provides lyrics for all the music without any charge

Soundhound Music Search

Soundhound Music Search is yet another song lyrics app which is capable of identifying the song and then displaying the lyrics in real-time. The application is also available for Android devices. Integrate Apple Music and Spotify account to listen and find lyrics for various music across different genres.

Soundhound Music Search Lyrics App for iPad

Notable features:

  • Discover the music that are playing around you
  • Built-in free YouTube player to listen and view lyrics for various tracks
  • Use apple watch app to identify the track and sing-along with LiveLyrics

Camena – Song Lyrics

Price: $1.99

Camena – Song Lyrics is the last one on our iPad lyrics apps list to find the lyrics for the tracks that you’re listening to. By swiping the screen to left, you can enjoy the entire tracks available on the album. By swiping to right, you will get details about the artists. You can use this app even in the offline mode. But, you will only get the lyrics that are stored on your local drive.

Camena - Song Lyrics app for iPad

Notable features:

  • View music videos for your tracks
  • Search for your favourite lyrics
  • Highlight your favourite lyric and share it on social media

To conclude

Some of the above-mentioned apps may contain annoying ads, which are non-negotiable. Do you want to suggest any other lyrics apps to this list, mention it in the comments section below.

You can also share your suggestions on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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