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Cows in Minecraft: What Do They Eat?

Feed your cows with the necessary ingredients to prepare for breeding.

Key Highlights

  • Cows or Mushrooms cows eat grass and wheat.
  • Harvest the wheat in order to feed your cows to enter Love mode for breeding.

Are you a newbie and wondering what are cows and what they eat in Minecraft Bedrock or Java edition? Here’s the answer to it. Basically, cows are more than a passive mod in Minecraft, which is mainly used for harvesting materials. These mobs are usually found in plain and grassy biomes. To gain immunity and other resources, you must feed your cow with certain ingredients. Upon feeding your cows with the necessary constituents, you can maximize their potential and breed more cows to satisfy your needs. However, this article will guide you on what they eat and how to utilize them.

Why Cows are Used in Minecraft?

Cows are well known to produce milk, drop leather, make a cake, and even produce food after their death in Minecraft.

  • Milk: You can use a bucket and milk the cows, it will eliminate most of the inauspicious status effects including indolent, weakness, and poison.
  • Leather: Upon killing the cow, you can make leather to protect yourself from the attack of mobs and also you can gain a defense power of +1.
  • Cake: After milking the cow, you use the milk and other ingredients like wheat, egg, and sugar to bake a cake.
  • Food: By killing it, you can also make a lump of raw meat to rehabilitate your hunger.

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

Basically, cows eat grass in Minecraft, which is usually found in the dirt blocks and used to construct stables. Besides grass, you can also use wheat for your cows to breed and increase the count on your farm. Before that, you should grow your wheat in Minecraft using a Hoe and Wheat seeds to feed them accordingly.

[1] You can get wheat seeds by having a Hoe and grass.

[2] Then, equip a Hoe and left-click on the grass to dig a hole.

[3] After that, Minecraft will drop you wheat seeds shortly.

[4] After availing of wheat seeds, you must plant them near the water area by holding the Hoe and right-clicking on it.

Plant the wheat seed near water area

[5] Once the area turns into a sand-like surface under ideal conditions, you can wait for an hour or a half to harvest the wheat.

Harvest wheat in Minecraft

Note: You can use bone meal by killing the undead mob in the night and use it as a catalyst to speed up the growth of your wheat.

[6] Finally, you can harvest your wheat after breaking the wheat plant by left-clicking and holding the mouse.

[7] Upon walking over the wheat, it will fall on the ground and add to your hotbar on Minecraft.

How to Feed Cows in Minecraft

After adding Wheat to your hotbar in your inventory, select it and right-click on cows to feed them. Upon feeding, the cows will enter to love mode.

Feed Cows in Minecraft

Also, after Turning on the coordinates in Minecraft, hold the wheat and walk across the field to guide your cow back to its farm.

Additionally, there is a rare breed known as the Mushroom cow that does everything that a normal cow could do. Besides, these breeds are red and have mushrooms on them, and only spawn in one biome. Similar to the normal ones, Mushroom cows eat wheat to activate Love mode to spawn baby mushrooms.

How to Breed Cows in Minecraft

After harvesting and feeding adult two cows with wheat, it will turn itself and set foot in Love mode. While in love mode, you can see red hearts display over their heads. As a result, you will get a newborn calf.

Breeding cows in Minecraft

After a significant cooldown period (within 5 minutes) the cows are ready to breed again, and the cycle will repeat continuously.

Note: Similar to cows, you can also breed horses in Minecraft to increase the count which helps you while traveling.

How to Find Cows in Minecraft

The probability of finding cows will vary from Java and Bedrock editions:

Java Edition

In this edition, you can find cows in the grass and in open spaces. You can spawn if the light level is above 7 and includes at least 2 blocks of free space. If you meet the minimum criteria, you can spawn 1 – 4 cows on Dirt blocks where 5% will spawn as baby cows.

Bedrock Edition

On the Bedrock edition, there are differences in spawning the cows. Besides biome and physical space parameters, you can spawn cows above light level 9 and results only in a group of 2 or 3. Meanwhile, the probability of spawning a baby cow will remain the same.

Minecraft Subscriptions

Minecraft offers three membership plans for users under two editions:

Realms (Bedrock Edition)$3.99You + 2 players
Realms Plus (Bedrock Edition)$7.99You + 10 players150+ Marketplace packs
Realms (Java Edition)$7.99You + 10 playersIncluding free community content

Note: You can also unban someone on Minecraft if you have blocked them by mistake.


1. What is the rarest cow in Minecraft?

The Red Mushroom cow is the rarest cow which has a probability of 1/1024 of spawning from breeding two red Mushrooms cows.

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