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How to Gameshare on Xbox One in 2021

Want to know how to gameshare with your friend who has Xbox to play the entire library of games he has? This article will guide you.

Gaming is fun. Multiplayer gaming is even more fun. But Gamesharing is the best. In Xbox gaming consoles, you can Gameshare all your games to your friends and let them play with you. With Gamesharing, you can play paid games for free that your friend has. Both can access the entire library of games. Sounds cool right. Gamesharing may be confusing to many but it is a cakewalk process. If you are eager to know how to Gameshare on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox 360 consoles, follow the below guide.

What is Gamesharing

Gamesharing is a feature that allows you to share downloadable content to your friend, even it is a paid content. In Gamesharing, you can share features like Xbox Live Gold benefits and Xbox Game Pass. In this way, two persons can have the privileges of single purchases.

How to Gameshare on Xbox One

(1) Find a friend who is having Xbox Live subscription and get the login information.

(2) Now, on your Xbox console, go to the Sign in page and click Add new.

gameshare on xbox

(3) Enter your friend’s login information. If your friend’s account is not signed in, go to the Accounts page and made a manual sign in.

(4) Then, go to the Settings –> General –> Personalization and choose My home Xbox.

gameshare on xbox

(5) On the confirmation pop-up, click Make this my home Xbox.

gameshare on xbox

That’s it. Your friend has shared games and gaming data with you. Now, you both can play the paid games. This process can be done on different Xbox consoles like Xbox One to Xbox 360, Xbox 360 to Xbox One, or Xbox 360 to other Xbox consoles.

Limitations and Precautions in Gamesharing on Xbox

  • If you are going to share your login info for Gamesharing, the first and foremost thing is that your friend can buy any new purchase with your ID. So, make sure that your friend is a trusted one.
  • You are allowed to have only one Home Console at a time.
  • The Home console will provide access automatically to anyone who is logged in with their own ID.
  • You can change your My Home Console once in five years.
  • Only the downloaded can be shared, not the games on the discs or CDs.

Our Opinion

Gamesharing is one of the best features in Xbox consoles. But make sure that the person you are going to share with is your best buddy. Before getting into the Gamesharing, read all the limitations and restrictions of Gamesharing on Xbox consoles.

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