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How to Install Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

Love Xfinity Stream and Apple TV? Let us see how to integrate it together.

Xfinity Stream is an online media streaming service with which you can watch live TV and on-demand content. With Xfinity Stream. You can watch more than 200 live TV channels and on-demand content. In Xfinity Stream, you can download the media files for offline watching. Xfinity Stream also offers cloud DVR storage to watch all your saved contents and recordings from anywhere over the internet. You can stream rented movies and TV shows on the app during the rental period. Xfinity Stream is accessible on Android, iOS, Firestick, Fire TV, Apple TV, and more.

Steps to Install Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

Xfinity Stream is an official app on the App Store for all Apple devices except Apple TVs. It is not available on the App Store for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. So, let us use the Airplay feature on the iPhone or iPad to stream Xfinity on your Apple TV 4K or any other model.

1: Connect your iPhone and Apple TV with the same WiFi network.

2: Open your iPhone or iPad and go to App Store.

3: Search for the Xfinity Stream app and find it.

4: Click on install to get the Xfinity stream app.

5: Launch the app and enter your Xfinity Stream credentials.

6: Return to your home screen and swipe up to see the control buttons.

7: Click on the Screen Mirroring option.

Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

8: Now, your iPhone will search for the Apple TV device.

9: Select the Apple TV device where you wish to watch Xfinity Stream media content.

10: Now, your iPhone or iPad screen will mirror your Apple TV.

11: Open the Xfinity Stream app on your iPhone and select the media file which you want to stream.

12: Now, the selected media file will appear on the TV screen.

How to AirPlay Xfinity Stream on Apple TV Using Mac

1: Connect your Mac and Apple TV to the same WiFi network.

2: Open any web browser on your Mac and go to the Xfinity Stream website.

3: Click the Sign In button and sign in with your Xfinity account.

Sign in to Xfinity website

4: Now, tap the AirPlay icon on your Mac.

5: Under the AirPlay To: list, choose your Apple TV.

6: Under AirPlay:, choose the Mirror Built-in Retina Display option.

AirPlay Mac to Apple TV

7: Now, your Mac screen will mirror your Apple TV. Play any video content from the Xfinity website.

Xfinity Stream on Apple TV using Mac

8: It will appear on your Apple TV screen.

9: To stop the mirroring, click the AirPlay icon and choose Turn AirPlay Off.

Turn off the AirPlay on Mac

This way, you can easily stream your favorite content on the Apple TV screen. Other than the screen mirroring method, there is no alternative or hack to get the Xfinity Stream app on Apple TVs.

Steps to Sign In to Xfinity Stream

Xfinity Stream is a subscription-based streaming service provider in which Double pay and Triple pay plans are available. The subscription cost ranges from $79.99 to $159.99. You are required to sign in to watch Xfinity Stream content on Apple TV. The steps below will help you sign in using any web browser.

1: Open the web browser from your computer or smartphone.

2: Enter into the search bar and click on the Search icon.

3: Click on the My Account option from the Xfinity Stream web page.

4: On the Sign In page, click on Create one.

Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

5: Select your Mobile number and click Continue.

Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

6: Enter the floating characters into the text box and click Continue.

Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

7: Enter your mobile number and click Continue. It will send a verification code to the entered mobile number.

Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

8: Enter the verification code and click continue.

9: Enter your email id or mobile number as a user name and create a password for Xfinity Stream and click Create account.

10: Now, you click on Sign In and enter the login credentials with the Xfinity app on your iPhone.

11: Enter the floating characters into the text box and then click on Sign in. This will take you to the Xfinity home screen. It will now appear on your iPhone connected Apple TV screen.

Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

Now you are required to select your subscription plan to access the media files on your Apple TV.

Xfinity stream offers live TV, movies, TV shows, sports, news, and many more. If you purchase any movies and TV shows, On Demand content, you can watch these purchases right from the app wherever you are. It is updated regularly with the latest movies and recently aired TV shows. This app is integrated with the Xfinity X1 service. You can easily track your channels, movies, TV shows, and Sports.

Comcast New Update

In the recent update from the Comcast press release, the Apple TV+ app is now available on Comcast’s entertainment devices like Xfinity X1, XClass TV, and Xfinity Flex. You can use your Apple TV+ credentials to watch all the Apple TV shows on your Xfinity device. If you are a new user of Apple TV+, you will get a three-month free trial. With this update, we may expect the Xfinity Stream app on Apple TV devices too.


1. How do I add Xfinity Stream to Apple TV?

As of now, you can’t install the Xfinity Stream app on your Apple TV. The app is not available for Apple TVs.

2. when will Xfinity Stream be available on Apple TV?

Everyone is waiting for that answer. Til now, there has been no update from both Apple and Comcast.

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