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How to Install Zwift on Firestick & Fire TV

With Zwift, turn your firestick into a trainer.

Zwift is an online cycling and training tool that helps you to keep yourself fit and healthy. It is an indoor training app provided with a vast collection of exercises and training programs led by world-class trainers. Zwift on Firestick offers thousands of rides and races. You will be able to choose the world or location you want to ride. Zwift is a fully-featured indoor training app compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and many more. Get this app on your Firestick and never get bored of doing exercises and easily transform your living room into a playground.

Features of Zwift

  • Zwift is made available with more than a thousand structured workouts and training plans.
  • Workouts and training sessions are conducted by professional trainers.
  • You are allowed to choose from a wide range of virtual worlds for your rides.
  • It allows you to schedule your upcoming training and rides.
  • Availability of variable resistance gives the feeling of real-world riding.
  • Zwift makes your every rides similar to gameplay and so you will be able to run with your friends or global community.
  • With Zwift, you will analyze your performance which helps to enhance your workouts or training.

Install Zwift on Firestick

However, Zwift is a third-party app not found on Amazon App Store. So you can use the sideloading feature to get the Zwift app on your Firestick. There are two ways to sideload the Zwift app.

  • Install Zwift using Downloader app
  • Install Zwift using ES File Explorer app

Pre Requisite

Before entering into third-party installation, you need to enable the Apps from Unknown Sources option on your Firestick. If you are using an older version of Fire OS, follow the below steps.

#1: Launch your Firestick and go to the Home screen.

#2: Select the Settings option at the top of the Firestick home screen.

 Firestick settings

#3: Next, select the My Fire TV / Devices menu option.

My Fire TV

#4: Under My Fire TV, select Developer Options.

Developer Options

#5: Next, select the Apps from Unknown Sources option.

Apps from Unknown Sources

#6: Then, click Turn on from the Prompt to enable Apps from Unknown Sources option.

Turn On Apps from Unknown Sources

#7: After that, select the ADB debugging option to enable it.

Method 1: Install Zwift on Firestick Using Downloader App

Downloader on Firestick is the best sideloading app to install apps and services from third-party sources.

#1: Open the Downloader app on your Firestick.

Note: If the Downloader app is not installed previously, you can install it directly from the Amazon App Store.

#2: Select the Settings option from the left sidebar.

#3: Now select Enable JavaScript option.

Zwift on Firestick

#4: Then, select Yes from the Prompt. For the new version of Fire OS, go to Fire TV Settings and choose Developer Options. Then, choose Install Unknown Apps and turn on the Downloader toggle.

Zwift on Firestick

#5: Return to Downloader home screen, go to the address bar and enter the Zwift app URL

Firestick Downloader App

#6: Next, select the Go button to download the Apk file.

#7: When the Apk is downloaded, select the file and click the Install button.

#8: Once the installation process is completed, click the Open button to run the Zwift app on your Firestick.

Zwift on Firestick

Method 2: Install Zwift on Firestick using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a well-known android File Manager app. In addition to that, it also functions as a sideloader app on Firestick to install third-party apps. It is considered a perfect alternative to the Downloader app.

#1: Launch the ES File Explorer app on your Firestick. Make sure to turn on the Install Unknown Apps toggle for ES File Explorer.

Note: If you don’t have the ES File Explorer app, install it directly from the Amazon App Store. The latest version of the ES File Explorer app requires a premium version to install apks.

#2: Select the Downloader icon from the main window under the Tools menu.

Downloader icon on ES File Explorer

#3: Then select the + New button at the bottom of the screen.

Click + New

#4: A small window appears with the Path and Name field. In the Path field, enter the Zwift Apk URL, and in the Name Field, type Zwift.

#5: After that, select Download Now, the apk file will start downloading.

Zwift on Firestick using ES File Explorer

#6: Once the Apk file got downloaded, select the Apk file and click the Open File option.

#7: The ES File Explorer will start the installation process.

#8: Then click the Install option.

Zwift on Firestick

#9: Once the installation is complete, click Open to start using the Zwift app on your Firestick.

Alternative Way to Watch Zwift on Firestick

Users with Android smartphone and tablet has another way to watch Zwift on bigger screens. By screen mirroring your Android device on Firestick, you can watch all the training videos on the TV.

Step 1: Long press the home button on Firestick remote and select Mirroring.

Mirroring on Firestick

Step 2: On your Android device, turn on WiFi and connect to the network where your Firestick was connected.

Cast Android smartphone to Fire TV

Step 3: Head to the Settings and select the Cast menu.

Step 4: Select your Firestick and grant permission to mirror your Android screen.

Step 5: Launch the Zwift app and play the training videos.

Step 6: It will mirror on the TV where your Firestick was connected.

You can follow either of these methods to install the Zwift training app on your Firestick or Fire TV Cube. You can get access to dozens of training programs conducted by smart trainers. Moreover, Zwift requires a monthly subscription to access its features at the cost of $14.99. The subscription cost may differ according to your residence.


1. Does Zwift work on Firestick?

By sideloading, you can install and access the Zwift app on your Firestick.

2. Does Zwift have a smart TV app?

Yes, the Zwift app is available for Apple TV.

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  1. Hi, I have tried the old and new URL’s and they both don’t work coming up with a forbidden error preventing the APK file from downloading. It would be great if you could get this working please advise if there is a solution

      1. Hi, im having the same problem, everything works until trying to download APk im using this url is it the updated one?
        Thanks for your instructions so far – they’re great and easy to follow!

  2. I was able to get the zwift app over to my television, but it says the TLC 4k television is not compatible with the app even though other sideloaded apps were able to launch.
    Everything is up-to-date as far as I know.
    Is there some kind of trick to getting zwift to launch?

  3. Links for both Downloader and ES File Explorer – both original and updated links – are faulty. Has anyone actually had success in getting Zwift up and running on their Firestick based on the guidance in this article?

    1. Hi Chris! Thanks for commenting.

      As I tried the links work fine on both the methods. Do clear your firestick cache and give it a try. Or you can also try installing the previous versions of the app from the link.

    2. Use you es explorer and edit name of downloaded file by putting .APK at the end of it (long press on the file, in internal storage/downloaded on your es explorer then edit and add the .APK)
      Now when you open in downloader it will give you option to install

  4. hi I managed to download the file, but when selecting “Open” the Firestick said “No Handler for this app” – all help welcome

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