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How to Enable Dark Mode on Amazon App and Website

Are you a shopping freak who uses Amazon frequently? Then use our ways to get dark mode on Amazon.

Key Highlights

  • Android: Device settings → DisplayDark Mode → Turn on Dark Mode → Launch the Amazon app.
  • iPhone: Install Turn Off the LightsManage OptionsHamburger icon → Turn on the night mode → Amazon website → Tap the shortcut.
  • On web browsers, you can install and use third-party dark mode extensions.

Amazon is the popular shopping platform for purchasing all the required products. From electronic devices to home furniture, you can find everything on this platform. If you are someone who used to access the Amazon app or website at night condition, you can enable the dark mode to reduce the eye strains.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to bring the dark theme to the Amazon platform. Hence, you need to find alternate ways on your smartphone and PC.

How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode on Android

(1) First, enable dark mode on your Android smartphone by navigating to SettingsDisplayDark mode → Turn on the toggle. If your smartphone has a dark mode shortcut on the notification pane, you can enable it easily from there.

Dark mode on Android

(2) Now, open the Amazon app on your smartphone. You will get the dark mode automatically.

Amazon app dark mode

Unlike the shopping app, you can enable dark mode on Kindle with the built-in settings.

How to Enable Amazon Dark Theme on iPhone

Unlike Android, you can’t use bring dark mode on the Amazon app with the device settings. But, you access the web version of Amazon with dark mode.

(1) On your iPhone, install the Turn off the Lights app.

(2) Launch the app and click the Manage Options on the home screen.

(3) The homepage will open on the Safari browser. Refresh it and tap the hamburger icon.

(4) Tap the Night Mode and check the box stating “Show the night switch button below the web page to make the page dark or light.”

(5) Visit the Amazon website ( and tap the moon toggle located on the browser.

(6) It will change the page background from light theme to dark theme.

How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode on Chrome Browser

Luckily, you can force your Chrome browser into dark mode. It can be done by using the Dark theme/mode extensions. In the web store, plenty of dark mode extensions are available for Chrome.

Some of the best extensions are

(1) Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC.

(2) Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the Dark Reader extension. It is one of the most downloaded and the best-rated dark theme extensions.

Amazon Dark Mode

(3) Click the Add to Chrome button to install the extension on your Chrome browser.

Dark reader extension

(4) When the installation is complete, all your tabs will appear in Dark mode. Now, go to the Amazon website (, and it will appear in a Dark theme.

Dark reader extension

(5) To revert, click the Dark Reader Extension on the Extension bar and turn off the toggle.

Dark reader extension

The best thing about Dark Reader is that it will allow you to customize the intensity of the screen. You can modify the amount of darkness, brightness, contrast, sepia, and grayscale. You can also choose specific sites in which you want the dark mode.

How to Get Amazon Dark Mode Using Firefox Browser

If you are using the Firefox browser, you can bring the dark mode without any extensions. Go to Customize and choose Themes on the bottom of the screen. Select the Dark option.

Mozilla Firefox dark mode

Note – You can also download dark mode extensions on Firefox browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a dark mode for Amazon?

No, the dark theme is yet to be released for the Amazon app and website.

2. How to enable dark mode on Amazon Music?

Like the Amazon shopping app, you can’t turn on dark theme on Amazon Music app.

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