Best Filelinked Codes for Firestick 2020: Apps, Movies, Sports & More

Use eight-digit codes to install apps on Firestick instead of lengthy links.

Amazon Firestick has its own easter eggs. To download an app, game, or VPN on Firestick, you need to use either Amazon App Store or any third-party installers. In both methods, you either need to type the full name of the app or the lengthly download link. The Firestick remote doesn’t have any alphanumeric keys to enter numbers or alphabets, instead, you need to use the arrow keys on the on-screen keyboard to enter the URL or name. Many user find this process difficult. Alternatively, there is an easy way to download apps on Firestick and this involves just an array of numbers. By entering the Filelinked codes of the apps, you can install apps on Firestick instantly.

With the Filelinked app, you can install apps and games on Firestick just by entering a specific code. If you don’t have the app, install the Filelinked on Firestick (click the link for detailed steps).

Once you have installed the app, go to Your Code section, and enter the code. Click Continue. The app will be displayed. Click the Download button to install the app on Firestick.

FileLinked Codes for Firestick

List of FileLinked Codes for Firestick (Streaming Apps)

53098718: Entering this code will install the FreeFlix HQ app. It is a popular app to stream movies, TV shows, and on-demand content for free.

57458882: This FileLinked code for Firestick is to install the TVZion app. The app is similar to FreeFlix HQ.

67817931: This code will install the TeaTV app on Firestick. TeaTV is one of the best alternatives for Terrarium TV.

55525014: This will install the Cinema HD app on Firestick. It is one of the popular free streaming apps.

16248134: This FileLinked codes for Firestick will install the TripleM app. It is one of the free streaming apps for Firestick.

67664537: This will install the Exousia app. An app to get all the live TV and sports for free.

27844165: This will install the Potato Streams app. The most recommended app for live sports.

12345678: This code will install YouTube TV on Firestick. A subscription-based streaming service available in the USA.

14224735: This specific code will install the RedBox app on Firestick. A Free streaming app for Firestick.

56975628: This will install the Kodi application on Firestick. The best media player app for Firestick.

17779393 (Pin 2222): This will install the Spotify app. A great app to stream music and podcasts.

Best Filelinked Codes for Sports

For sports lovers, there are many exclusive sports apps for firestick. Get any of the filelinked codes for sports app.

  • 17779393
  • 74238464
  • 11039868
  • 38069272
  • 47603928
  • 63106618
  • 45541591
  • 22222222
  • 12345678
  • 91195389
  • 80409018
  • 78933681
  • 60339349
  • 70510862

Best Filelinked Codes for Adults

For those who want adult apps on Firestick can use these filelinked codes.

  • 51829986
  • 11039868
  • 85810914

List of FileLinked Codes for Firestick (Kodi Builds and APKs)

85810914: This will list different Kodi builds on Firestick and the apps in Aptoide Store.

22222222 (Pin 4754): This will list a bunch of free streaming apps like Cyberflix TV, Cinema HD, Morph TV, BeeTV, Titanium TV, and more.

38069272: This is one of the most important FileLinked Codes for Firestick. This will list almost all the apps that are available for Firestick.

96031172 (Pin 1234): This will list all the Terrarium TV alternatives and clone apps.

47603928: This is also the most important FileLinked Codes for Firestick. This will list all the Android apps that are available for Firestick.

91195389: This will list all the Kodi builds for Kodi 17.6.

80409018: This will list builds for Kodi 18.

76705196: This will list the apk files from K Porteous.

36260523: This will list a lot of Kodi builds and forks with a few streaming apk files.

11039868: This will list all the free streaming apk files that are supported by Firestick. In the list, you can also find the CCleaner app.

74238464: This will list all the movie streaming apps for Firestick.

13131313 (Pin 4545): This code will also list a lot of free streaming apps for Firestick.

List of FileLinked Codes for Firestick (ROMs and Emulators)

88897031: This will list the ROMs and Emulators for Firestick.

11111111: This will direct you to the web safety tips for Firestick and Andriod devices.

These are the FileLinked codes for Firestick. FileLinked is just another app on Firestick. The app is completely safe and the codes mentioned above won’t harm your Firestick in any way. The codes will install the specific app. Use the codes to install the app on Firestick without typing the lengthy link. Comment your favorite FileLinked codes for Firestick in the comments section.

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