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How to Enable Game Mode on Vizio Smart TV

Enable game mode and play powerful games on your Vizio Smart TV.

Game Mode is a built-in feature available on smartphones and desktops earlier, where users can play games seamlessly without interruptions. Usually, when the game mode is enabled, it boosts performance, and the games can be played without lag. Nowadays, you can play games on Smart TVs with the game mode enabled. If you use a Vizio Smart TV, you can enable the game mode on it and enjoy playing to get an experience similar to your smartphone and desktop.

What is Game Mode on Vizio Smart TV

While watching high-resolution images or movies on your Smart TVs, it takes milliseconds for the screen to move from one picture to another. When it comes to playing your favorite games, this lag time will be a major interruption. Under these circumstances, the Game mode feature will help you to eliminate the lag time and helps the game to run faster and smoother.

Advantages of Game Mode on Vizio Smart TV

Below we have mentioned the advantages of enabling game mode on your Smart TV.

1. Less Input lags so that the games can be played smoothly.

2. It comes with a lower response time that helps TVs to perform requests faster.

3. Includes variable refresh rate so that the frames are displayed simultaneously.

4. It comes with a higher refresh rate of +120Hz.

How to Turn On Game Mode on Vizio Smart TV

Follow the below steps to activate the Game mode on your Vizio Smart TV within a few minutes.

[1] First, turn on your Vizio Smart TV using your remote.

[2] Press Input on your remote to view the Input Settings. Alternatively, you can also open the Input Settings from the TV Menu.

press the Input button

[3] Under the Input settings, choose the HDMI Port connected to your TV.

[4] Then, enable Full UHD Color.

[5] By doing so, the Game mode feature will get enabled on your Vizio Smart TV.

But, few users complain that Game mode reduces the picture quality. This happens because the gaming mode eliminates or turns off certain high-quality image processing features. However, this is not a big deal, and you still get a better gaming experience while playing your favorite games. If you aren’t still unsatisfied with the quality of the display, you can set the best picture settings on your Vizio Smart TV for a better viewing experience.

Game Mode Supported Vizio TVs

Before enabling the game mode on your Smart TV, you must check whether the device has the built-in feature. We have listed the TV series that support the game mode.

  • P-Series
  • M-Series
  • V-Series
  • D-Series

To further check the supported modes, you can visit the official page of Vizio.

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