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How to Make Dark Mode on Google Classroom? [Possible Ways]

Possible ways to enable dark mode on Google Classroom.

Key Highlights

  • The Google Classroom app doesn’t have the dark mode feature. You can get the dark mode only on the website.
  • Website: Open Chrome browser on the PC → Go to Chrome Web Store → Install the Stylish Custom Theme extension → Open Google Classroom website → Enable the dark theme using the extension.

When attending classes on Google Classroom, we have to look at our PC screen for a long time. This will create eye soreness and headache due to the blue light emissions. To reduce the effect, you can enable the dark mode on the Google Classroom website and reduce the blue light emission. Unfortunately, the Google Classroom smartphone app doesn’t offer the Dark Theme. You have to use your PC to get the dark theme.

Generally, the default background of Google Classroom is white. To change the Google Classroom background to dark mode, you need to install dark theme extensions.

How to Enable Google Classroom Dark Mode

You can’t find the dark theme as a built-in option on the Google Classroom website nor in the Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps. But there is a way to use this service in dark mode with the aid of the Stylish Chrome extension. With Stylish, you can enable dark mode for any of your websites easily.

#1: Launch the Chrome Web browser on your PC.

#2: Open the Chrome Web Store on the browser.

#3: Search for Stylish Extension and pick the extension from the suggestion list.

Chrome Web Store

#4: Then, install the Stylish Extension to your browser. You can also use the link to install the extension.

Stylish - Custom Theme extension

#5: After that, go to the Google Classroom website (https://classroom.google.com) and then sign in with your Gmail account.

#6: Click on the Stylish icon at the top right of your browser screen.

Google Classroom Dark Mode

#7: Next, choose the Dark Theme for your browser from its library.

#8: Now, your Google Classroom background will automatically change to dark.

dark theme on Google Classroom

#9: To turn off the dark theme, click the extension and disable the toggle.

In addition to Stylish, there are a number of Dark theme extensions for Chrome available in the Chrome Web Store, including Dark Mode, Dark Reader, Dark Display, Night Eye, Midnight Lizard, and many more.

How to Enable Google Classroom Dark mode on Mobile App

There seems to be no way to change the Google Classroom background to dark on the Google Classroom mobile version (Android & iOS). Even if you enable the device’s dark mode on your phone settings, it will not turn Google Classroom into a dark background. So a user has to wait until Google officially launches an update with a dark mode feature.

Now, you will be clear about the possibility of changing the Google Classroom background to dark. Using a browser extension is the only way to enable the dark theme on Google Classroom. Also, the other popular Google products like Google News, Google Assistant, and Google Discover don’t have a dark mode feature. We are hoping that Google will launch the dark mode option in its future updates.


1. How do I change the theme on Google Classroom?

Click the Customize button on the Google Classroom webpage. Go to Select Stream Header Image and choose a theme to change in the classroom.

2. How to leave a Google Classroom?

Click the three-dotted icon on the screen and choose the Unenroll option to leave the Google Classroom.

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