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How to Make Dark Mode on Google Classroom? [Possible Ways]

Looking for ways to enable dark mode on Google Classroom? Here is our handy guide to do it.

Google Classroom is free software designed by Google. This app is primarily focused on paperless sharing between students and teachers. Teachers can easily track their student’s activities and give real-time feedback. Anyone having a personal Google Account can access the Google Classroom service and join the classes by entering the class code. It is a flexible program widely accessible on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and many more. All the documents, files, assignments, and videos of the students are stored and synced with Google Drive. Google Classroom is safe and is highly secured with G Suite service enabled with a lot of customization. Generally, the default background of Google Classroom is white. To change the Google Classroom background to Dark Mode, just take a look at the below instructions.

google classroom DARK MODE

How to Enable Google Classroom Dark Mode

You can’t find the dark theme as a built-in option on the Google Classroom website nor in the Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps. But there is a way to use this service in dark mode with the aid of the Stylish Chrome extension. With Stylish, you can enable dark mode for any of your websites easily. The Stylish Extension is well integrated with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers,

#1: Launch your desired Web browser on your computer.

#2: Open the appropriate web stores on the browser you are using (Eg: Chrome Web Store).

#3: Search for Stylish Extension and pick the extension from the suggestion list.

#4: Then, install the Stylish Extension to your browser.

Stylish extension

#5: After that, go to the Google Classroom website (https://classroom.google.com) and then sign in with your Gmail account.

#6: Click on the Stylish icon at the top right of your browser screen.

Google Classroom Dark Mode

#7: Next, choose the Dark Theme for your browser from its library.

#8: Now, your Google Classroom background will automatically change to dark. And the theme will be installed.

dark theme on Google Classroom

Note: In addition to Stylish, there are a number of Dark theme extensions available, including Dark Mode, Dark Reader, Dark Display, Night Eye, Midnight Lizard, and many more.

How to Enable Google Classroom Dark mode on Mobile App

There seems to be no way to change the Google Classroom background to dark on the Google Classroom mobile version (Android & iOS). Even if you enable the device’s dark mode on your phone settings, it will not turn Google Classroom into a dark background. So a user has to wait until Google officially launches an update with a dark mode feature.

Now, you will be clear about the possibility of changing the Google Classroom background to Dark. Using a browser extension is the only way to use this Google service in dark theme. Also, the other popular Google products like Google News, Google Assistant, and Google Discover don’t have a dedicated dark mode feature. Hope Google will launch the dark mode option in its future updates. Comment below your thoughts on the Google Classroom dark mode. Do follow ourĀ Facebook and Twitter account for more related tech updates.


1. How to put Google Classroom in Dark Mode?

Using the web browser extensions, you can get the dark mode for Google Classroom.

2. Is dark mode available for Google Classroom in the Android app?

No, there is no dark theme feature available in the Google Classroom app for Android and iOS devices.

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