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How to Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription and Free Trial

If you are bored using Twitch Prime, then you can cancel it from your Amazon account.

Twitch is a robust entertainment tool when it comes to live streaming gaming videos. This service lets its users watch gamer play famous games like PUBG, Minecraft, FIFA 18, etc. It connects people and make them live chat, interact and gets entertained. Besides offering the standard version, Twitch is available as a premium tool. Those Amazon Prime and Prime Video membership users will get access to Twitch Prime. With Twitch Prime, you will access to bonus games, channel subscription, loot gifting, and in-game contents. Despite all these advantages, you may sometimes find Twitch Prime useless. When in such a scenario, you can opt to cancel Twitch Prime. By cancelling Twitch Prime, you will lose access to ad-free contents, free game contents, emoticons, exclusive saving, consolidated chat options, and more.

Note: Cancelling Twitch Prime will not cancel Amazon Prime subscription.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime?

To end the Twitch Prime subscription, you should carry out the steps given below.

(1) Open any web browser of your choice at first.

(2) Enter on address bar and press Enter.

(3) Click on Accounts & List > Sign to login to your Amazon account.

(4) Proceed further by select Settings option.

(5) Choose Manage Prime Membership menu.

(6) Look for Twitch account and select it.

(7) Finally, click on Cancel button.

This will cancel your Twitch Prime subscription.

Try This to Cancel Twitch Prime Free Trail

(1) Login into your Amazon account from a browser.

(2) Hover to click on Accounts & Lists option from the top right corner of the screen to select Sign in.

Select Account & Lists - How to Cancel Twitch Prime
Select Account & Lists

(3) Provide your login details of Amazon account like email/phone and password.

(4) Click again on Accounts & Lists to select Twitch account settings link under Other accounts section.

Choose Twitch Account Settings
Choose Twitch Account Settings

(5) Select Unlink Account button to proceed.

Tap on Unlink Account - How to Cancel Twitch Prime
Tap on Unlink Account

(6) On the confirmation pop-up, click on Unlink this Twitch account button.

Choose this Twitch Account - How to Cancel Twitch Prime
Choose this Twitch Account

With this, Twitch account you have linked with Amazon account will be removed.

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