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How to Write a History Essay Using Writefull Software

Any essay teaches you to develop your view of the world. In a history essay, you need to show specific knowledge about historical events. Writing such a work is a mandatory part of the curriculum of specialized universities. As a student, I often preferred to write my paper for me on WritingAPaper for best results. Are you planning to link the future with this history? It’s time to learn how to write a history essay.

Types of Historical Essays

There are two types of essays on this subject:

  • reasoning based on a quote;
  • analysis of the selected period.

In the first case, the expression of a well-known historical personality is given, the student analyzes her activities and expresses a point of view, confirming it with historical events and facts from the biography. The role of the author of the phrase is played by a figure in respect of whom there is a generally accepted positive or negative assessment: either a hero or a tyrant. 

The second type involves a complex type of work and solid knowledge. The periods relate to national history and world history. The requirements by which the analysis of the historical period is evaluated are the same in both cases:

  • To indicate two specific main events in the period – reform, change of power, adoption of fundamental documents.
  • Reflect the roles of two historical figures in these events: rulers, leaders, military leaders,
  • conspirators.
  • To reveal two causal relationships in how the described events influenced the further development
  • To assess the significance of this period for the development of the country: as a rebirth and flourishing, or vice versa, a crisis.
  • Use scientific terminology.
  • Do not make mistakes in dates, names, names of places, events, and documents.
  • Correctly apply the form of presentation.
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Criteria for a History Essay 2022

The finished essay is evaluated according to seven criteria (K7), the maximum mark is 12 points. 

K1. 2 points for two correctly specified processes.

K2. 2 more points if two historical persons are correctly marked and their role is characterized, indicating specific actions that influenced the course and result of the phenomena of the time interval.

K3. Also, 2 points for correctly spelling out two cause-and-effect relationships. If you have already mentioned causes and effects when mentioning the role of a figure and it was counted according to the K2 criterion, take care to name two additional ones.

K4. Plus 1 point, if you gave an assessment of the phenomena, based on specific facts, the opinions of historians. 

K5. For the correct use of terminology in the presentation — 1 point.

K6. Gives 3 points if there are no factual errors in the essay.

1 or 2 points will be awarded when at least 5 are awarded according to the first four criteria.

K7. Additionally 1 point for the answer presented in the form of a coherent presentation.

1 point can be obtained if the sum of 5 is obtained according to criteria K1-K4.


The structure of the historical composition is the same for all types. It consists of 4 large paragraphs-sections or parts.

In the first part, indicate that the selected stage is important for the history of the country and confirm this with at least two significant events. The second section, reveals the role of historical figures in the listed events. In the third paragraph, proceed to the description of the identified cause-and-effect relationships. The assessment of the significance of the analyzed period should be formulated in the final part.

Evaluative Knowledge

To provide an assessment of the selected period, you need to know what versions of the description of events and facts exist and points of view on this subject. The depth of disclosure of the issue and the strength of the arguments presented are the main criteria for evaluating this item. 

Characteristics of a Historical Person

Just a detailed description of a specific person is not enough to reveal the topic and high appreciation. Describe the role of the individual in a specific period of activity, supported by reliable facts. 

Causal Relationships

Perhaps one of the most difficult moments in the work on the part of the rating set. Any event is caused by some other process and entails a new incident. Here it is important to show the ability to analyze facts, draw conclusions and arrange events in chronological order and logical sequence.

How to Write a History Essay

In order not to miss important details in the design of the graduation paper, remember the algorithm of writing:

  • Decide on a historical period, give it a name, reveal its specifics.
  • Divide the events into important and secondary, highlight 4 key-related events.
  • Identify for yourself at least 2 significant persons who had an impact on the course of development.
  • Learn in advance the estimates of the selected period and events given by historians.
  • Identify historical facts that will serve as proof.

Analytics comes first: show that you are not just well-versed in the curriculum, but also know how to work with the material.

In conclusion, systematize everything, make a plan and write an essay on it.


The essay plan will help structure the work and make it understandable for verification.

Start with a brief description of the stage. Give a name to what is hidden under the chronological segment: the reign of the monarch, the revolution.

Tell us about the first significant event that happened during this period, about the causes and consequences of this phenomenon, name the person associated with the process and her specific cases. 

The same is true with the second equally significant phenomenon, its causes and consequences, the associated personality, and its specific cases. 

In conclusion, evaluate the significance of the period for the history of the country’s development.  

Speaking of cause-and-effect relationships, name and explain the reasons and results of reforms, revolutions, wars, riots.

There can be more than two events, cause-and-effect relationships, and personalities if this helps to fully reveal the content and meaning of the historical time interval.

To assess the significance of the period means to explain how the economy and culture have changed, what victories or defeats have happened in foreign policy.

The Main Mistakes When Writing an Essay

It is better to use the given template as a backbone. Add more examples, historical figures, connections. 

If all the events suddenly fly out of your head at once during the exam, try to describe the events of the selected time in as much detail as possible. There is a chance that the expert will independently find the facts necessary according to the criteria. Don’t turn the essay into a plan, build a consistent, interconnected description. Otherwise, you can lose a point for the last criterion, even if you have perfectly fulfilled the previous ones.

A chronologically outlined period is proposed for the task. But there are times when this condition does not need to be taken literally. When describing the value of an event, be sure to go beyond the upper limit of the period. You will talk about the importance of processes and phenomena for the development of the country.

Preparing for a history essay requires certain skills and time. Luckily, highly qualified specialists will help you prepare for exams. Very often students are asked to accomplish a business-related essay, in this case, they need at least some fundamental business knowledge. Are you looking for ways to improve the online presence of your business? If so, you should consider using a digital sphere. This powerful tool can help you reach more customers and grow your business.

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