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How to Change Airbnb Password in Two Minutes

Secure your Airbnb account by changing the password regularly.

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  • Change password: Visit the Airbnb website → Login to your account → Tap on the Profile pictureAccountLogin & SecurityLogin and PasswordUpdate → Enter the new password → Save the changes.

Like social media apps, Airbnb holds your personal information, such as credit card or debit card details. So, it is good to keep changing your password once or twice a year. Airbnb presents a straightforward option to change your account password. If you haven’t remembered the current password, you can reset it with the Forgot Password link on the login page.

How to Change Airbnb Password Using a Browser

There is no way to change the Airbnb password with the mobile apps. You must log in to your account on a web browser to change it. You can also use a web browser on your iPhone or Android to change the password.

[1] Open the PC browser and visit the Airbnb website.

[2] Log in to your Airbnb account.

[3] Navigate to the top corner of the page and click the Profile Picture icon.

[4] Select Account followed by clicking on the Login & Security option.

Airbnb Login & security setting

[5] Under the Login and Password section, click the Update option.

[6] Enter your Current Password and New Password in the respective boxes.

Enter the current and new password

[7] Once entered, click Update Password, and it will change your Airbnb password.

How to Reset Airbnb Password

If you’ve forgotten the current Airbnb password, you can reset it easily with the movie apps or a browser.

On PC or Laptop:

[1] Using the browser, visit Airbnb’s reset password page.

[2] Enter your registered email address and click the Send Reset Link button.

Enter the email address

[3] Now, you will get the Reset link to the registered email account.

[4] Open the mail and select the Click here to Reset Your Password button.

[5] Enter your new password and click Submit to reset the password.

How to Change Airbnb Password

On Mobile App:

[1] Open the Airbnb app on your smartphone.

[2] Tap the Forgot Password? option and enter your registered Email Address.

How to Change Airbnb Password

[3] Click the Arrow icon in the bottom right corner.

[4] The reset link will be sent to your email address.

[5] Open the mail and tap on the password reset link.

[6] Enter the new password and tap the Arrow Button to reset the password.

How to Change Airbnb Password

If you’re someone who tends to forget the password very often, use a password manager on your iPhone or Android to save all your passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Airbnb email?

→Log in to your Airbnb account, select the Account section and choose Personal info.
→Click the Edit option, enter the Email ID and click Save to change the email id.

Is it possible to reset your Airbnb Password without email?

No. Airbnb requires your email address to verify your account. You will receive the password reset link only to the registered email account.

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