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How To Change Default Browser On Android

If you are not liking your default browser, then you can change it anytime.

Browser is used to surfing on the internet and look for information, news, and all day to day updates through it. There are several browsers available for Android in the play store and each is with many different features and interfaces in it. Some of the most popularly used browsers in Android are Google, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Bing, etc. You can change any of this browser as your default browser on Android, which is easy to use so that you will get directed to that browser on clicking any links.

What’s the need to Change the Default Browser?

In many devices, the in-built browser comes as a default browser and it mostly has a clumsy interface to use and browser. Some in-built browsers even have ads in it which makes your surfing experience annoying. For that, you need to set your favorite browser as a default browser. Here’s the solution to change your favorite browser as the default browser in your Android device.

How to Change Default Browser in Android?

(1) Open Settings in your Android device.


(2) Scroll down until you find App & Notifications / App Managements in your settings.

App management - How To Change Default Browser On Android

(3) Click on Default App in App Management.

Select Default app

(4) Under Default app search for Browser and open it.

Browser - How To Change Default Browser On Android

(5) Inside the Browser select your favorite browser and set it as default browser.

Set default - How To Change Default Browser On Android
We have selected chrome as our default browser but you can any browser you have and set it your default browser

Note: The settings may slightly vary from device to device but the procedure is the same on all Android devices.

So start browsing and opening your link send from other applications and all in your favorite browser. Let us know which browser have you changed as your default browser in the comment section below.

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