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How to Change Language in Overwatch 2

To play the Overwatch 2 game in your language, change it within the game or device settings.

Key Highlights

  • On Desktop: Install Battle.Net app → Sign inOverwatch 2 game icon → Options Game Settings → Change Text or Spoken Language → Done.
  • Via PlayStation 4/5: Settings icon → System language → Select Language → Relaunch Overwatch 2 game.
  • Via Xbox Series X/S: Press Xbox on the controller → Profile & SystemSettings SystemLanguage & Location → Change language → Restart Now.
  • On Nintendo Switch: Home menu → System Settings System Languages.

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play action game. You can play the game in an optimistic future with the ultimate 5v5 battlefield brawl. You can play it on a desktop or laptop and gaming consoles, including Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Users can change the language in Overwatch 2 anytime to enjoy playing their game in a convenient language.

Languages Available in Overwatch 2

Currently, Overwatch 2 supports 10 different languages.

  • English – UK
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • English – US
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

How to Change Language in Overwatch 2 On a Desktop

[1]. On your PC, install the desktop app.

[2]. Launch the app and sign in to your account with the necessary credentials.

Sign in to your account

[3]. Choose the Overwatch 2 game icon and click on the Options drop-down icon.

[4]. Select the Game Settings option from the menu list.

[5]. Under Overwatch 2 section, you will see two options: Text Language and Spoken Language (Voice language). Select your preferred language from the drop-down list.

Change Language in Overwatch 2 on desktop

[6]. Tap the Done button at the bottom to save the changes.

Tip! Use Xbox Cloud gaming to play Xbox games on your iPhone.

How to Change Language in Overwatch 2 On Gaming Consoles

You cannot change the language on Overwatch 2 console version. However, you can change the console setting to change the language.

PlayStation 4 Or 5

[1]. Close the Overwatch 2 game and then navigate to the home screen of your PS4 or PS5.

Close the game

[2]. Using the d-pad, click on the Settings icon.

[3]. Scroll down and select the System option.

[4]. Select the Language option under the system settings page.

[5]. On the right-hand side, tap on the Console Language option.

Change Language in Overwatch 2 on PS

[6]. Select the language you want to change on your Overwatch 2 game.

[7]. Restart the game and see the changes.

Xbox One [Series X/S]

[1]. Press the Xbox button on your controller to launch the home screen.

[2]. Go to Profile & System and then select Settings (More Options).

[3]. Select the System option from the menu list.

[4]. Click on the Language & Location option.

Change Language in Overwatch 2 on Xbox

[5]. Change whichever language you want and also the language region.

[6]. Finally, tap Restart Now button to change the language on your Xbox console.

Tip! Clear cache on Xbox One to improve the gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch

[1]. From the Home menu, click on the System Settings option at the bottom.

[2]. On the left sidebar, scroll down and select the System option on the System Settings page.

Change Language in Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch

[3]. Tap on the Language option and choose from one of the language options from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the supported play modes on Overwatch 2?

The supported play modes on Overwatch 2 are TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode.

2. Will Overwatch 2 have new characters?

Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko are the new 3 heroes introduced in Overwatch 2.

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