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How to Change Time on Fitbit [4 Ways]

If your Fitbit shows the incorrect time, you can change it using the Fitbit app or website

Key Highlights

  • Android: Fitbit appAccountApp SettingsDisable Automatic Time ZoneSelect time zoneChooseSync Fitbit
  • iOS/iPadOS: Fitbit appAccountApp SettingsSet AutomaticallyTime ZoneChooseSync Fitbit
  • Windows: AccountAdvanced SettingsTime ZoneDisable AutoChoose Time ZoneSubmit
  • Browser: Log InSettingsTime ZoneChoose the locationSubmit

Users may get frustrated when they see an incorrect time on their Fitbit smartwatch. Fortunately, you can change the time on your Fitbit device, but not directly. Instead, you can change the time only with the help of the Fitbit application or through the Fitbit site.

Changing Time on Fitbit [Android]

[1] Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

[2] Tap the Account icon.

tap your Account icon.

[3] Next, tap the App Settings.

select App Settings.

[4] Disable Automatic Time Zone and tap Select time zone.

[5] Now, you will get the list of time zones. Choose the time zone you’re currently in.

select the time zone to Change Time on Fitbit

[6] Swipe down the app to get a refresh. Finally, the time changes on your Fitbit device.

Tips! If you are unsatisfied with the subscription, you can cancel your Fitbit Premium from the smartphone or computer.

Changing Fitbit Time [iOS/iPad OS]

[1] On your iPhone/iPad, open the Fitbit app and tap Account on the top corner (left).

[2] Locate and select the App Settings.

 select the App Settings.

[3] Followed to that, turn off the Set Automatically toggle and tap Time Zone.

turn off the toggle next to Set Automatically.

[4] Select your current location.

select your current location to Change Time on Fitbit

[5] Confirm the changes and sync the device.

Changing Fitbit Time [Windows]

[1] Launch the Fitbit app on your Windows PC.

[2] Click Account Advanced Settings.

Select the Account icon

[3] Click Time Zone and disable the Auto option by clicking on it.

[4] Finally, choose the current Time ZoneSubmit. The time will be changed on the Fitbit device.

Using Fitbit Dashboard

[1] Launch the web browser on your computer (Windows/macOS) and visit the official site of Fitbit.

[2] Log In to your Fitbit account.

[3] Navigate to the top corner (right), and select the Gear icon.

[4] From the menu, choose Settings Time Zone from the Personal Info section.

[5] Next to the time zone setting, click the small arrow and choose your current location.

[6] Click Submit to change the time on Fitbit.

Steps to Change Fitbit Time From 12 Hours to 24 Hours

[1] Go to the Fitbit dashboard on the web browser.

[2] Click the Gear icon.

[3] Select Settings and click Personal Info.

[4] Next, select Clock Display Time under Advanced Settings and choose the desired time to be displayed in 12 hours or 24 hours.

[5] Click Submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to change time on Fitbit without the app?

You can change the incorrect time on your Fitbit device by going through the website on your PC/desktop without using the app.

2. How to change the clock on Fitbit?

On your Fitbit application, click TodayProfile picFitbit device imageGalleryClocks sectionBrowse & SelectInstall.

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