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How to Clear Cache on iPhone [All Models]

Clear Cache on your iPhone and fix issues on your device.

The cache is a temporary data file stored in your device which is referred to as the additional copies of information. These cache files help your device to recall the past information (like a password) when you visit the web page or the application. Cache data includes browsing information, phone operation, and app information. Each and every device stores cache to quickly access certain files. All devices including Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac store cache files to open the web page or app faster. Sometimes due to more cache files, your device might slow down. If you are an iPhone user, It is better to clear the cache on your iPhone to fix the issues.

Note: The below method is applicable on all iPhone models including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 6.

How To Clear Cache on Safari browser?

If you are opening a webpage for the first time, the browser will store a few data in the name of the cache. These cache files are used to quickly open the webpage when it is accessed again on the same browser. Like all browsers, Safari browser on iPhone also stores cache. Follow the steps below to clear the cache on the Safari browser of your iPhone:

(1) Go to the settings app of your iPhone.

(2) Scroll down and select Safari browser settings.

How To Clear Safari Cache?

(3) Scroll down to the bottom and select the Advanced option.

(4) Select the Website Data option.

How To Clear Safari Cache?

(5) Again scroll down to the bottom and select “Remove all Website Data”.

(6) Click on the “Clear History and Data” button once again to confirm.

The above method will clear the cache on the safari browser of your iPhone.

Check how to clear the cache on Chrome browser as well.

How To Clear iPhone App Cache?

Like browsers, the apps store cache in the name “Documents and Data”. Most of the apps don’t have a dedicated button to clear the cache. Follow the steps below to clear iPhone app cache:

(1) Go to the settings app.

(2) Head over to General option and click on it.

How To Clear iPhone App Cache?

(3) Select on the iPhone Storage button.

(4) Select the app on which you want to clear all the data and caches.

How To Clear iPhone App Cache?

Note: The Documents & Data are the cache stored on this app. As mentioned earlier, some apps don’t have the clear cache option. Therefore, you have to delete the app and reinstall it to clear the cache.

(5) Click on Delete App at the bottom of the screen.

(7) You can download the app from the Apple app store.

The above are the steps required to clear app cache on the iPhone.

Note: By deleting the app, you might lose data which cannot be undone. Therefore, think twice before deleting the app. If your app is purchased on Apple Store, you can download it again without purchasing it again.

If you are an Android user, you can clear the cache on Android as well.

Our Opinion

The above are the methods available to clear the cache on your iPhone. If you want to clear browser cache, then follow the first method and if you want to clear app cache, then follow the second method. By clearing the cache, some issues due to apps and browser will get resolved.

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