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How to Delete Telegram Contacts [App & Desktop]

Delete contacts on Telegram app permanently within a few seconds.

Key Highlights

  • Android: MenuContactsChoose contactThree dotsDelete contactDelete.
  • iPhone: Contacts Choose contactClick profileEdit Delete ContactDoneDelete Contact.
  • Desktop app: MenuContactsSelect contactDelete contactDelete.
  • Browser: Login Menu Switch to Old VersionMenu Contacts Choose contactDelete.

If you have signed up for a Telegram account, you can easily find the contacts on the app, as it easily syncs with your phonebook. In addition, when you add a contact on Telegram, it will be saved directly on your smartphone. Unfortunately, when you delete a contact from the Contacts app on your smartphone, it will not be reflected on the Telegram app like WhatsApp. Therefore, you need to delete the contacts separately on the Telegram app.

How to Delete Telegram Contacts on Android

Telegram offers the feature to remove single and multiple contacts on the application.

How to Remove a Single Contact on Telegram

[1] Launch the Telegram app on your smartphone.

[2] If you don’t have one, install the Telegram app from the Play Store and login.

[3] Tap Menu (Hamburger icon) at the top left.

[4] To delete a single contact, tap Contacts and select the desired contact you like to delete.

Choose Contacts option and select the contact to delete

[6] Inside the contact’s profile, tap Three dotsDelete contactDelete to delete a single one.

Select Delete contact and hit Delete

How to Remove Multiple Contacts on Telegram

[1] For deleting all contacts, navigate back to Menu and choose Settings.

[2] Tap Privacy & SecurityDelete Synced Contacts → Delete to delete all the synced contacts on Telegram.

Choose Privacy & security and choose Delete Synced Contacts to Delete contact on Telegram

[3] You can also disable Sync Contact under Privacy and Security if you don’t want your mobile contacts to sync with your Telegram account.

Disable Sync Contacts

Tips! If you don’t like holding the account on WhatsApp, you can delete it permanently and transfer the WhatsApp chats to Telegram without deleting the messages.

How to Delete Telegram Contacts on iPhone

Unlike Android, deleting contacts on Telegram on iPhone slightly differs.

Deleting a Single Contact on Telegram

[1] Install the Telegram app from the AppStore and login with the credentials.

[2] If you want to delete a single contact, tap Contacts at the bottom.

Select Contacts to delete Telegram contacts

[3] From the Contacts section, scroll and choose the contact you want to delete.

[4] Tap the Profile icon and choose Edit.

Select the profile icon and choose Edit

[5] Now, tap Delete ContactDone, and finally, hit Delete Contact to delete a single contact from your Telegram account.

Select Delete Contact, Done and hit Delete Contact

Deleting Multiple Contacts on Telegram

[1] To delete all contacts, navigate to the Home screen and choose Settings.

Select Settings

[2] On Settings, choose Privacy and SecurityData SettingsDelete Synced Contacts to delete all contacts on Telegram via iPhone/iPad.

Navigate Privacy & Security, Data Settings and click Select Synced Contacts

[3] Like Android devices, you can disable Sync Contacts under Data Settings to not sync contacts from your mobile to Telegram.

Disable Sync Contacts

How to Delete Telegram Contacts on Desktop App

[1] Launch the Telegram app on your PC.

[2] Click the Menu (Hamburger icon) at the top left.

[3] Further, click Contacts from the list of options.

Click Contacts

[4] Once the list of contacts appears on your screen, search and click the desired contact you want to delete.

Note: Unfortunately, you can’t delete multiple contacts on the Telegram Desktop app.

Select the contact to delete on Telegram

[5] After that, click the Vertical meatballs icon → Delete contact.

Click Delete Contact

[6] Finally, hit Delete to remove the contact from your Telegram account via PC.

Hit Delete

How to Delete Telegram Contacts on Browser

[1] Open the default browser on your Windows PC, visit Telegram, and log in with the QR Code displayed on the screen.

Login using QR Code or phone number

[2] Once logged in, Click Menu and choose Switch to Old Version from the list of options.

Click Switch to Old Version

[3] Next, click MenuContacts.

Click Contacts

[4] The contacts will be displayed on the screen. Click Edit.

Tap Edit to delete Telegram contacts

[5] Click the desired contact → Three vertical dotsDelete ContactDelete.

[6] For multiple contacts, choose the desired ones you want to delete and hit Delete at the bottom to delete the selected contacts.

Hit Delete to delete Telegram contacts

Tips! Like contacts, you can delete your Telegram account permanently from your smartphone or PC if you don’t like to have it.

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