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How to Enable Firefox Dark Mode on PC and Smartphone

Switch to dark mode on Firefox and prevent your eyes from getting strained.

Accessing computers and smartphones has become a mandatory thing in the tech era. But, over usage of smart device bring some effects to the eye. Upon considering this, lots of devices, apps, and services have come up with dedicated dark mode support. So, Chrome isn’t the only browser to support dark mode. Firefox added dark theme support and this will effectively work on reducing your eye pain. So, it is possible to surf the web in a dark background by limiting the light background. Yet another advantage of Firefox Dark mode is your device battery will be consumed less. Whether you want to save your eyes or battery, the easy-to-do steps will help you enable Firefox dark mode.

How to Turn on Firefox Dark Mode on a PC?

Do the following procedure to enable dark mode on your Firefox browser on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux PC.

Quick Guide: Go to Add-ons on Firefox –> Navigate to Themes –> Select the Dark theme –> Click the Enable button.

(1) Launch the Firebox browser on the device and click on the Hamburger menu (three vertical lines) from the top-right corner.

(2) Select Add-ons from the list of options shown on the screen.

Select Add-ons
Select Add-ons

Tip! Press Ctrl + Shift + A to open Add ons page directly.

(3) On the Add-ons window. You will get the Extensions menu. Choose the Themes option from the left pane.

Click on Themes - Firefox Dark Mode

(4) Look for Dark under the Manage Your Themes section.

Mozilla Firefox browser

Note: Most often, the Dark theme will be listed under the Disabled section.

(5) Click on the Enable button to turn on the dark mode.

(6) To turn off the dark mode, click the Disable button.

Firefox Dark Mode (2)

This is how you can enable and disable dark mode on the Firefox browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

Learn how to enable Dark Mode on the Chrome browser as well.

How to Enable Firefox Dark Mode on iOS

No more working on bright light while using Firefox on your iPhone or iPad. Use Night mode instead with the steps given below.

Quick Guide: Go to the Firefox Menu –> Click the Turn on Night Mode.

(1) Open the Firefox browser on your iOS device from the apps section.

(2) Select the Menu button.

Firefox Menu icon

(3) Tap the Turn on Night Mode option.

Firefox Dark Mode (2)

(4) The Mozilla browser will be switched to the dark theme.

(5) To revert back, tap the Turn off Night Mode option.

Turn off Night mode

How to Enable Firefox Dark Mode on Android Smartphones

In the older version of the Mozilla browser for Android smartphones, there is no dark mode available in the app. In the latest version, the dark mode is officially added to the app. Update the Mozilla Firefox browser on your smartphone from the Play Store.

Quick Guide: Click the Three dotted icon –> Choose Settings –> Go to Customise –> Select Dark under the Themes section.

(1) Open the Mozilla browser on your Android smartphone.

(2) Click the Three dotted icon on the bottom.

Three dotted icon on Firefox

(3) On the pop-up, click the Settings option.

Choose Settings

(4) On the Settings screen, tap the Customise option.

Select Customise

(5) Under the Theme section, choose the Dark theme.

Dark mode on Mozilla Firefox

(6) To get the light theme, click the Light option.

You can follow the procedure given above to set dark mode on the Firefox browser on different platforms. With this, you can surf the web without hurting your eyes. Wait for our update about Dark mode on Android. For more useful tech articles, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


1. How to make Firefox dark mode?

You can turn on the dark theme on Firefox from the Settings menu.

2. Is there a dark mode for Mozilla?

Yes, the Mozilla dark mode is officially available for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

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