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How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode [With Screenshots]

Do your love Dark Themed apps? Enable your app to Dark mode and start using it.

Is your smartphone’s brightness disturbing you even in sunny conditions? If yes, Dark Mode is your savior. By enabling the Dark Mode on WhatsApp, you can chat with your friends without any eye strain. The Dark Mode will increase the contrast between the text and background; you can read long texts on WhatsApp in a better way. The Dark Theme on WhatsApp is officially available on all platforms like smartphones, PCs, and websites.

The steps to enable dark mode on WhatsApp will differ based on the device you are using. For Android smartphones, you can use the app’s Settings menu. For iPhones, you can use the device’s Settings menu. Let’s see how to enable the dark theme on WhatsApp.

How to Get WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android or iOS

1. Open the WhatsApp app and hit the Settings icon.

2. Hit the Chats option and tap on Theme.

Hit the Chats option

3. You will get three options. System Default, Light, and Dark. Select the Dark option.

Dark Mode on WhatsApp

4. If you choose System Default, the app will follow your smartphone’s settings. If you enable dark mode on your Android smartphone, the app will automatically switch to a dark theme and vice versa.

Alternate Method

Other than enabling the dark theme, you can also change the chat wallpaper on WhatsApp to any dark color. To do so,

(1) Open Whatsapp and click on the three-dotted menu icon.

(2) Tap on the Chat button.

(3) Click on the Wallpaper option and tap the Change button.

Dark Wallpaper on WhatsApp Chat

(4) Whatsapp will display different options. Choose the “Solid Color” option.

(5) Select the darkest colour from the available choices.

Choose a dark colour

(6) A Wallpaper Preview page will open. Click Set to assign the wallpaper.

WhatsApp Chat

Now open any chat to find the dark background.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS?

(1) Open the Settings menu on your iPhone.

Settings on iOS

(2) Select the Display & Brightness option.

Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS

(3) Select Dark to enable system-wide Dark Mode on iPhone.

Dark Mode on iOS

(4) Here, if you turn on the Automatic option, you will be able to set a schedule for Dark Mode.

Once the Dark mode is activated on your iPhone, you can have the dark theme on your WhatsApp. You can also change the Chat Wallpaper to dark color by navigating to Settings Chats Chat Wallpaper.

Shortcut to Enable iPhone Dark Mode

Dark Theme on iPhone

You can also turn on or off Dark mode from Control Center, swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone and touch and hold the brightness control, then select Dark mode on or Dark mode off.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on a PC

1. Open the WhatsApp app on your PC.

2. Click the Settings icon and choose Personalization.

For WhatsApp Web: Go to Settings Theme → Choose Dark.

3. Tap the Theme drop-down menu and choose the Dark option.

Dark Mode on WhatsApp PC

4. You can also choose the System Default option and turn on dark mode on your Windows PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Disable the Dark mode of WhatsApp on Android?

To disable the dark mode of WhatsApp on Android, hit the Settings option and tap on Chat. Hit the Theme option and enable Light mode.

How to get dark wallpaper on WhatsApp?

To get dark wallpaper on Whatsup, Go to Settings on WhatsApp and hit Chat. Tap on the Wallpaper option and choose the dark theme wallpaper from the list.

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