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How to Find Someone on Pinterest in 2 Different Methods

Explore new and creative contents as pins by finding someone new on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the ultimate source of getting creative ideas. It is an all-in-one destination to get lifestyle inspiration to travel ideas, DIYs and almost every other need of yours. Pinterest is an information discovery engine to get ideas as well as share ideas in the form of photos. Pinterest is a fun yet informative tool to discover contents based on your needs. Explore and try new things by following hundreds of boards by different followers. Finding other Pinterest user is not a complex task. Like any other social app, Pinterest supports searching for someone and following their boards. If you see useful contents and further wish to get inspiration, then find the user and follow their board. The article will guide you on how to find someone on Pinterest in a step-by-step manner.

How to Find Someone on Pinterest?

Pinterest has the largest userbase and the users can follow the pinners for different contents. Here is the procedure to find someone on Pinterest.

Find Someone on Pinterest by Name

If you know the username of the pinner, then the steps given below will help you find someone on Pinterest easily.

(1) Launch the Pinterest app and login to your account on your device.

(2) Click on the Search icon (magnifier glass icon) from the top.

Note: On the Pinterest desktop, click on the rectangular grey Search bar.

(3) Enter the name or username of whom you are about to find on Pinterest. Press Enter. On PC, select People under All Pins drop down next to search bar.

Choose People
Choose People

(4) Choose the name that matches your search from the suggestions list to open the profile of that user.

Note: If you don’t find the username, then tap on the arrow beneath the list to extend the search.

Tip! Click on the the Follow button to start follow their pins.

Did You Know? If someone is annoying you on Pinterest, you can block that person on Pinterest easily.

Find Someone on Pinterest by Facebook

Pinterest supports finding someone by their Facebook id. Here are the guidelines:

(1) Open Pinterest and login to your account at first.

(2) Click on the Profile icon from the top-right corner.

Tap on Profile icon
Tap on Profile icon

(3) Select the Bolt icon next to the +icon.

How to Find Someone on Pinterest

(4) Then, click on Account settings option.

How to Find Someone on Pinterest

(5) Scroll down and click on the check box to activate your account with Facebook.

(6) Click the Continue or OK button to grant Pinterest access Facebook. With this, Pinterest will find the pinners who linked Pinterest with Facebook.

How to Find Someone on Pinterest

(7) When connected, you will get back to the Pinterest home screen. Select the Search icon (magnifier glass)

(8) Now type the username or Facebook name on it.

(9) From the list of suggestions, select the person to visit the profile page.

Tip! To follow the user, you can tap on the Follow button.

You can choose either of the methods to find someone on Pinterest on the go.

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