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How to Get Grammarly Premium Subscription for Free

Get the most out of Grammarly with premium subscription for 100% free.

Grammarly is a popular tool for checking grammar and spelling mistakes on proofreading articles, blogs, posts, documents, and more. It checks several errors like grammar, punctuation, spells check, plagiarism, writing style, and readability. It also auto-corrects the mistyped words while you write. Grammarly is an amazing and useful feature for content writers, bloggers, etc. It has tons of features in the free version, but the premium version offers advanced grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary, etc. In this article, we teach you how to get Grammarly premium for free.

Premium Features

  • In Grammarly premium, you get 250+ grammar and spelling checks. In the free version, you will get only 100 grammar and spelling checks. So there is no possibility of errors if you own a premium account.
  • The Premium version offers Vocabulary enhancement which auto-corrects sentences that are reader-friendly.
  • The Premium version offers Plagiarism detection, where Grammarly will scan the sentences on more than 8 billion web pages that are available on the internet, and it highlights the paragraph that is similar to some other web pages. So, you can change it with unique sentences, which is very helpful for SEO.
  • It also provides proofreading attributes in the premium version with some additional charges, which allows you to provide the articles or blogs with an individual proofreader.

You can activate Grammarly premium for free in the below methods.

  1. With free trial
  2. Through the affiliate program
  3. With education program
  4. Using Premium Codes
  5. Using Premium Accounts

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Get Grammarly Premium With a Free Trial

Grammarly doesn’t offer a free trial for individual users, but you can get it through the contact page. Follow the below steps to get a free trial from Grammarly.

1. Go to the Grammarly contact page.

2. Select Billing and subscription.

How to get Grammarly Premium for Free

3. Select I have another question.

How to get Grammarly Premium for Free

4. Now, type your request regarding the free trial version.

How to get Grammarly Premium for Free

5. Make sure to enter the blog site address in (blog site address) and your email id used in the Grammarly premium free account in the (Email ID) section.

You’ll receive an email within one or two days, and you’ll get a premium trial for up to 30 days.

Get Grammarly Premium With Affiliate Program

If you are an influencer or YouTuber or blogger, or digital marketer, then you can promote Grammarly to your audience. If they buy a premium plan, you’ll get a commission for every purchase through your affiliate link.

In order to get the affiliate link, you need to signup for an affiliate account.

1. Go to the Grammarly Affiliate page.

2. Click Become an Affiliate.

become an affiliate

3. Complete the registration process by filling out the given form.

fill out the form

4. Click Sign Up.

Wait for Grammarly to verify the details you provided, and you’ll get a confirmation email. If your Affiliate account is approved, you’ll be provided with a 30-day free trial along with your Affiliate account.

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Get Grammarly Premium With Education Program

If you are a student, you can activate the Grammarly premium subscription with your institution’s access codes. Just get the access code from your institution and follow the below steps.

1. Go to the Grammarly Edu page.

2. Select Join Your Organization.

Grammarly education free trial

3. Now Sign in > Enter the Access code given by your institution.

How to get Grammarly Premium for Free

4. Click Apply code.

Now, you have successfully enabled the Grammarly premium with the Educational program.

Get Grammarly Premium Codes

There are some premium codes available to get Grammarly for free. With these codes, you will get Grammarly Premium for free. But, this won’t help in a permanent cause. These codes will expire without any notice. Try your luck with these codes and get Grammarly Premium for free.

  • u5cjCJ6KbHabg9Q8
  • RfsvdpL6gyUBoKrw
  • RmKvZghXPpnxL9J2
  • J3XhbKTUax7chWTc
  • n9bkZv9JYW5aUqWB
  • Kvmh6r7RhonaZSac

Get Grammarly Premium Accounts

Like premium codes, you can also get the premium accounts to use Grammarly for free. The main drawback of this method is that the original user’s data and their personalization settings will be available in the Grammarly profile. So, after signing in to the account, you have to change the settings.

[email protected]Goodperson@88**gram
[email protected]Grammarly@8975
[email protected]Anomaly12#785
[email protected]alphabet$Grammarly2022

With these credentials, you can use the Grammarly Premium for free. But, this too is not a permanent solution. The premium subscription will end without any notice.

Finally, we have learned the methods to activate Grammarly premium for free with the best possible working methods. If you had any issues while following the above tutorial, let us know in the comment section. We will help you to fix the issue immediately. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to read our tutorials instantly. If you think Grammarly is too costly for you, you can check out the best alternatives for Grammarly.


1. Does Grammarly offer a student discount?

Yes, Grammarly is offering discounts for students and educators to access the premium features.

2. How can I get discounted Grammarly?

There are a lot of coupon codes available to get discounts from Grammarly. Other than that, you can use premium codes, and premium accounts to get Grammarly for free.

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