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How to Turn Off Glance in Samsung Smartphone [ OneUI 5 & 4]

Personalize the lock screen through the Glance feature on Samsung Phone.

Key Highlights

  • On Samsung OneUI 5: Go to SettingsWallpaper and styleBrowse my wallpapersWallpaper ServicesNoneApply.
  • Samsung OneUI 4: Visit SettingsWallpaper and StyleLock screen wallpaper servicesNoneApply.

Is your Samsung smartphone consuming more data or WiFi? If yes, then Glance might be one of the reasons behind it. Basically, Glance changes the lock screen images at a certain interval of time or periodically. It uses your mobile data to fetch high-quality images. Sometimes, it will be exhausting when your smartphone runs out of mobile data, so you have to turn off the Glance feature on your Samsung Smartphone.

The actual meaning of Glance is to take a quick look at something. Glance is the in-built feature on some Samsung smartphones that includes customized content driven by Artificial Intelligence. This feature shows different images under a new theme/story on your Samsung lock screen. In addition, you will also get ads, short videos, pictures, etc. It keeps your smartphone’s lock screen active. Hence it may consume more battery.

Disabling the Glance feature will help you to save your mobile data and to enhance the battery life. Also, you can personalize your own or desired image on your lock screen.

How to Turn Off Glance in Samsung OneUI 5

[1]. Unlock your Samsung OneUI 5 smartphone and open the Settings app.

[2]. Under Settings, scroll down and tap on Wallpaper and style option.

tap on Wallpaper and style option.

[3]. Next, select the Browse my wallpapers option.

select the Browse my wallpapers option

[4]. On the Wallpapers page, scroll down to the bottom and click on Wallpaper Services to expand it.

click on Wallpaper Services

[5]. Then, hit the radio button next to the None option.

Select none to Turn Off Glance in Samsung Smartphone

[6]. Finally, tap Apply button to save the changes.

tap Apply to Turn Off Glance in Samsung Smartphone

How to Turn Off Glance on Samsung OneUI 4

[1]. On your Samsung Smartphone, navigate to the Settings app.

[2]. Then select the Wallpaper and style option from the settings menu list.

[3]. Next, choose the Lock screen wallpaper services option under the Wallpaper and style page.

choose the Lock screen wallpaper services option to Turn Off Glance in Samsung

[4]. Click on the None option and then tap the Apply button at the bottom of the screen.

Thus, you have successfully disabled Glance on your Samsung OneUI 4 smartphone. Though Glance provides extraordinary wallpaper images, you may not need them every time when you access your smartphone.

Supported Devices

Samsung UI 4 is supported on all 4G models of Galaxy S, Z, A, M, F, Note, and Tab series. But, Samsung One UI 5 is the updated software version and is compatible with some Samsung One UI 4.1 upgrading models. Recently, the One UI 5 version has been rolled out on many models.

SeriesUI 5 Supported Models
Galaxy A SeriesA- 73, 71 (5G), 53, 52, 52 (5G), 51 (5G), 33 (5G), 32 (5G), 23, 22 (5G), 13, 04, 04s, 03
Galaxy F SeriesF- 23, 13, F1
Galaxy M SeriesM- 53 (5G), 52 (5G), 42 (5G), 32 (5G), 33, 23
Galaxy S SeriesS (5G) – 22, 22+, 22 Ultra, 21, 21+, 21 Ultra, 21 FE, 20 LTE, 20+, 20 Ultra, 20 FE LTE.
Galaxy Tab SeriesS8 Ultra, S8+, S8, S7+, S7, 57 FE, S6 (5G), S6 Lite, A7 Lite, A8 10.5
Galaxy Note SeriesNote 20 LTE, 20 Ultra LTE
Galaxy Xcover SeriesXcover 5
Galaxy Z SeriesZ- Fold 2, Flip, Filp (5G), Fold 3, Filp 3, Fold 4, Filp 4

Frequently Asked Question

Why can’t I remove glance on my Samsung Smartphone?

If your smartphone is not updated to the latest version, you cannot access some features. However, update your Samsung Smartphone to the recent version or turn off your Galaxy smartphone and turn it on to access the Glance feature.

Is it possible to turn off Glance on a Samsung smartphone?

Yes, you can turn off Glance on a Samsung smartphone that runs on the One UI5 or One UI 4 version.

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