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How to Turn Off Instagram Read Receipts [2 Ways]

You can turn off read receipts on your Instagram app within the Settings or using Airplane mode.

Key Highlights

  • Disable Instagram message notifications: Go to ProfileHamburger menuSettingsNotificationsMessages and CallsTurn off.
  • Reading messages in Airplane mode: Launch the appMessageAirplane ModeRead messagesLog outDisable Airplane ModeLog in.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer the feature to disable read receipts, but you can still read the messages offline and don’t get the read receipts. Howerver, you can turn off the Instagram read receipts in other ways by disabling the notifications or turning off the data. Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of Instagram. If not, you can update the Instagram app from the Play Store or App Store.

How to Disable Message Notifications From Instagram

By disabling the notifications on your Instagram account, you can easily terminate the read receipts.

1. First, launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.

2. Tap the Account icon on the bottom left.

3. Next, tap the Hamburger menu (top-right)

Instagram settings

4. Further, tap SettingsNotificationsMessages and Calls.

Instagram messages and calls

5. Disable Message Requests and Messages by tapping Off.

turn off Instagram read receipts by disabling notifications

How to See Instagram Messages on Airplane Mode

This is an alternative method where you can read the messages in your Instagram inbox after getting into Airplane Mode. Therefore you can read the messages, and the sender doesn’t get the read receipt until you disable Airplane Mode.

1. Go to the Instagram app (Android & iOS).

2. Tap the Message icon (top-left).

3. Turn on the Airplane mode (Android or iPhone).

turn off Instagram read receipts by airplane mode

4. Once done, tap and read the desired messages.

5. Next, navigate to the Profile page → Tap Settings.

6. Click Log Out (at the bottom).

7. Close the app and disable the Airplane mode.

8. Turn on the mobile data or connect your smartphone to WiFi.

9. Again, launch the app and log in to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to disable Instagram Reels on Instagram?

If you are frustrated with the Reels, you can disable the Reels on Instagram in six possible ways. Like disabling auto-update, hiding reels, using Instagram’s older versions, Lite app, mod apps, and the browser.

2. How to enable Instagram dark mode on Android?

Enabling dark mode on Instagram is pretty simple. Launch the appTap Profile MenuSettingsThemeDark.

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