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How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android and iPhone

If you are regular Instagram user, then turn on dark mode and enjoy the app in dark theme.

Key Highlights

  • Android: Instagram app → Profile iconHamburger iconSettingsThemeDark.
  • iPhone: Device SettingsDisplay & BrightnessAppearanceDark.
  • On Windows and Mac, you need to use third-party extensions.

Dark Mode is one of the common features we expect on all apps. The Instagram application supports dark mode on both Android and iPhone. On Windows and Mac computers, you need to use third-party extensions like Night Eye, Turn off the Lights, and Dark Reader to bring the dark mode to the web version.

How to Turn on Instagram Dark Mode [Android]

The Android version of Instagram has built-in theme settings to turn on the dark mode.

#1. Launch the Instagram app and tap your profile icon at the bottom right corner.

#2. On the top right corner, tap the hamburger icon.

#3. Choose the Settings option on the pop-up.

#4. On the Settings page, select the Theme option.

#5. Choose the Dark option.

#6. The background of the Instagram app will change from a light to a dark theme.

To turn off the dark mode, follow the same steps and click on the Light option.

Alternate Way

If you have an Android device running on AndroidOS 10 & above, you can configure the Instagram app to follow the system display settings.

#1. Set the Instagram app to follow the system settings (Profile icon → Hamburger icon → SettingsThemeSystem).

#2. Now, enable dark mode on your Android device (SettingsDisplayDevice themeDark).

Select Dark Theme

#3. Now, launch the Instagram app to use it with a dark background.

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on iPhone

Unlike the Android devices, the iPhone version of Instagram doesn’t have built-in theme settings. So, you need to enable system-wide dark mode on your iPhone to use it on the Instagram app. For this, your iPhone must run on iOS 13 & later. If not, update your iPhone immediately to use this feature.

#1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

#2. Hit the Display and Brightness option.

Select Display and brightness

#3. Under the APPEARANCE section, choose the Dark option.

Select Dark mode

#4. Launch the Instagram app on iPhone, which will open with a dark background.

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Web Version [Chrome Browser]

#1. Launch the Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac computer.

#2. Type chrome://flags/ in the URL bar and hit the Enter key.

#3. On the Search Flags bar, type Dark mode and search for it.

#4. Set the Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents option Enabled.

#5. Relaunch the Chrome browser, and the browser’s background will change into a dark theme automatically.

#6. Now, visit the Instagram website and use it with the dark theme.

Alternate Way – Use Extensions

Instead of changing the browser configuration, you can install and use dark mode extensions on Chrome to bring the Instagram dark mode. Some of the best extensions are

  • Night Eye
  • Dark Reader
  • Midnight Lizard
  • Lunar Reader
  • Turn off the Lights

Apart from Chrome browser, you can also use these extensions on other bowsers too. Download the extension and enable the dark mode while using the Instagram web version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use third-party dark mode apks or apps for Instagram?

Yes. Android users can install various apps from the Play Store and third-party sources for dark mode. But, it is not recommended as there is an built-in setting within the app.

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