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How to Use YouTube Incognito Mode on Phone and Browser

Youtube will never store your search or watch history when you are using incognito mode.

YouTube is the best streaming service to get all the famous and current trending videos online. YouTube is all in one place where you can watch videos, listen to music and much more. Whenever you search something on YouTube, it gets stored as Search History, and whenever you watch something, it gets stored as Watch History. If you don’t want YouTube to store your histories, you can either delete history on Youtube or use Incognito mode. If you are not aware of how to use incognito mode, then follow the below procedure.

What is Incognito Mode?

Incognito Mode never stores your search and watch history. Like the Chrome browser, you can turn on incognito mode on Youtube as well. By turning on incognito mode, your watch and search history will never get stored on YouTube.

How to Turn On Incognito mode on YouTube app?

To Activate YouTube Incognito mode. you need to sign in to YouTube with your Google account.

(1) Launch the YouTube app on your device.

(2) Tap your profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Incognito mode on YouTube

(3) Scroll down to “Turn on Incognito mode” and tap on it.

Incognito mode on YouTube

(4) Instantly your YouTube will switch to Incognito screen. Your profile icon is now replaced with the Incognito symbol.

(5) Incognito mode is notified on the bottom of the screen with the message “You’re incognito“.

Incognito mode on YouTube

(6) If you want to deactivate Incognito mode, just click on the Incognito Symbol at the top right corner the app screen.

Deactivate Incognito mode

(7) Then tap on the “Turn Off Incognito” button. Now YouTube is automatically signed in with previously used Google Account.

 Turn Off Incognito

How to use Incognito mode on Windows?

It is possible to access YouTube in Incognito on your computer. There is no Incognito available on the YouTube website. But you can still use the incognito mode on your Chrome browser.

(1) Launch the Web browser and open a new tab in Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N).

Browser Incognito

(2) Then navigate to address bar and visit

YouTube on Incognito Mode

(3) Now you can access favourite contents in Incognito Mode.

This is the method available to use incognito mode on Chrome browser to access YouTube.

Our Opinion

By turning on Incognito, your search and watch history will never get stored on the app. The incognito mode is available only on smartphone apps. If you want to access incognito mode on the browser, you can use the browsers built-in incognito option to use it.

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