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iTunes Dark Mode: How to Enable and Use it?

With the dark mode on iTunes, your eyes will interact with less light that the usual brightness.

Screen brightness is the cause of insomnia and eyestrain. But lots of apps in recent times are adding support for the dark theme. iTunes is one such app that can be accessed in a dark theme. By default, the iTunes interface is bright, white and it looks attractive during the day. However, it is the same all the time and it especially holds true during the night. It is difficult to view the iTunes interface when at low light or at night. Fortunately, iTunes added dark mode support and it is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly for the user’s eyes. By enabling iTunes dark mode, the bright interface will get a darker appearance. Find more information on how to enable iTunes dark mode from here.

iTunes Dark Mode

Dark mode on this app functions the same as the normal dark mode. i.e., the bright light or the interface will get a dark theme or background. With this, the letters on iTunes will get white color while the background will be black. Enabling dark mode on iTunes will save your eyes from blue light, eye strain and get away from sleep issues. There is a catch in it. Unlike Safari dark mode, iTunes has no built-in feature to enable the dark mode. You have to change your PC’s theme to get the iTunes dark mode.

How to use iTunes Dark Mode?

The steps given below will guide you to set dark mode.

iTunes Night Mode on macOS

Make sure your Mac PC is updated with the latest macOS to enable dark mode.

(1) Press the Apple logo from the left corner of the screen.

(2) Select System Preferences from the list of options.

(3) Tap on General on the System preferences window.

(4) Choose Dark in Appearance section on General window.

Choose Dark Mode
Choose Dark Mode

(5) Launch iTunes on Mac and it will be available in the night mode.

Tip! To enable dark mode only during the night, select System Preferences > choose Desktop & Screen Saver option. On the next screen, select Dynamic Desktop (window showing day and night icon)

iTunes Dark Mode on Windows PC

Follow the steps given below on Windows PC to enable dark theme and use iTunes.

(1) Use Windows 10 search bar to launch Settings from Start.

Select Settings
Select Settings

(2) Select the Personalization option.

Choose Personalization
Choose Personalization

(3) Choose Colors on the next screen.

Tap on Colors
Tap on Colors

(4) Select the Dark option under Choose your default app mode.

Choose Dark Mode
Choose Dark Mode

(5) Now launch iTunes on your Windows PC and it will be available in the dark theme.

Learn how to Turn on Dark Mode on Windows 10 here. If you are using Windows 11, go to Settings and choose Personalization. In Choose your mode, tap the Dark option.

Do This Alternative

When you find iTunes is not working fine on the dark theme, then we recommend using third-party repair tools. It includes

  • Tunescare
  • iMyFone TunesFix

That’s the end of enabling dark theme on iTunes. Follow the steps on either of the desktop platforms to work on iTunes with a dark theme.

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  1. Your method for getting Dark Mode to work for WIndows 10 on my PC works for about every other app EXCEPT iTunes for Windows!!!!!!!

  2. This doesn’t work for iTunes for Windows. Apple doesn’t care about the Windows version enough to even put that in.

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