101+ Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams

Keyboard Shortcuts for Teams app will help business owners and peoples to use the functions very easy.

Microsoft Teams offers several keyboard shortcuts that can make work easier when working in Teams or the Office Web Access environment. The shortcuts feature enables you to set custom keyboard shortcuts to do common everyday tasks within Teams. And in the below article, we explain all the available keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft teams. We assure you that you can save a lot of time using these shortcuts in your day-to-day usage.

Note: Bookmark this page to access the keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft teams anytime on any device.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams

General Keyboard Shortcuts

For Windows apps

ActionsDesktop appWeb app
Show keyboard shortcutsCtrl+Period (.)Ctrl+Period (.)
Show CommandsCtrl+Slash (/)Ctrl+Slash (/)
Start a new chatCtrl+NLeft Alt+N
Open HelpF1Ctrl+F1
Zoom inCtrl+Equals sign (=)No shortcut
Reset zoom levelCtrl+0No shortcut
Go to SearchCtrl+ECtrl+E
Open filterCtrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Open apps flyoutCtrl+Accent (`)Ctrl+Accent (`)
Open SettingsCtrl+Comma (,)Ctrl+Comma (,)
Zoom outCtrl+Minus sign (-)No shortcut

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For Mac apps

ActionsMac appMac Web app
Show keyboard shortcuts⌘+Period (.)⌘+Period (.)
Show Commands⌘+Slash (/)⌘+Slash (/)
Start a new chat⌘+NOption+N
Open HelpF1⌘+F1
Zoom in⌘+Equals sign (=)No shortcut
Reset zoom level⌘+0No shortcut
Go to Search⌘+E⌘+E
Open filter⌘+Shift+F⌘+Shift+F
Open apps flyout⌘+Accent (`)⌘+Accent (`)
Open Settings⌘+Comma (,)⌘+Shift+Comma (,)
Zoom out⌘+Minus sign (-)No shortcut

Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

For Windows apps

ActionsDesktop appWeb app
Open ActivityCtrl+1Ctrl+Shift+1
Open TeamsCtrl+3Ctrl+Shift+3
Open CallsCtrl+5Ctrl+Shift+5
Go to previous list itemLeft Alt+Up arrow keyLeft Alt+Up arrow key
Move selected team upCtrl+Shift+Up arrow keyNo shortcut
Open the History menuCtrl+Shift+HNo shortcut
Go to next sectionCtrl+F6Ctrl+F6
Open ChatCtrl+2Ctrl+Shift+2
Open CalendarCtrl+4Ctrl+Shift+4
Open FilesCtrl+6Ctrl+Shift+6
Go to next list itemLeft Alt+Down arrow keyLeft Alt+Down arrow key
Move selected team downCtrl+Shift+Down arrow keyNo shortcut
Go to previous sectionCtrl+Shift+F6Ctrl+Shift+F6

For Mac apps

ActionsMac appWeb app
Open Activity⌘+1⌘+Shift+1
Open Teams⌘+3⌘+Shift+3
Open Calls⌘+5⌘+Shift+5
Go to previous list itemLeft Option+Up arrow keyLeft Option+Up arrow key
Move selected team up⌘+Shift+Up arrow keyNo shortcut
Open the History menu⌘+Shift+HNo shortcut
Go to next section⌘+F6⌘+F6
Open Chat⌘+2⌘+Shift+2
Open Calendar⌘+4⌘+Shift+4
Open Files⌘+6⌘+Shift+6
Go to next list itemLeft Option+Down arrow keyLeft Option+Down arrow key
Move selected team down⌘+Shift+Down arrow keyNo shortcut
Go to previous section⌘+Shift+F6⌘+Shift+F6

Messaging Keyboard Shortcuts

Messaging keyboard shortcuts are similar for both Desktop and web app.

Start a new conversationAlt+Shift+COption+Shift+C
Expand compose boxCtrl+Shift+X⌘+Shift+X
Attach fileCtrl+O⌘+O
Reply to a threadAlt+Shift+ROption+Shift+R
Search current Chat/Channel messagesCtrl+F⌘+F
Go to compose boxAlt+Shift+COption+Shift+C
Send (expanded compose box)Ctrl+Enter⌘+Enter
Start new lineShift+EnterShift+Enter

Meetings and Calls Keyboard Shortcuts

Meetings and Calls keyboard shortcuts are same for both Desktop and web app.

Accept video callCtrl+Shift+A⌘+Shift+A
Decline callCtrl+Shift+D⌘+Shift+D
Start video callCtrl+Shift+U⌘+Shift+U
Announce raised hands (screen reader)Ctrl+Shift+L⌘+Shift+L
Filter current listCtrl+Shift+F⌘+Shift+F
Decline screen shareCtrl+Shift+D⌘+Shift+D
Schedule a meetingAlt+Shift+NOption+Shift+N
Go to previous day/weekCtrl+Alt+Left arrow key⌘+Option+Left arrow key
View dayCtrl+Alt+1⌘+Option+1
View weekCtrl+Alt+3⌘+Option+3
Join from meeting detailsAlt+Shift+JOption+Shift+J
Accept audio callCtrl+Shift+S⌘+Shift+S
Start audio callCtrl+Shift+C⌘+Shift+C
Toggle muteCtrl+Shift+M⌘+Shift+M
Raise or lower your handCtrl+Shift+K⌘+Shift+K
Go to sharing toolbarCtrl+Shift+Space⌘+Shift+Space
Go to current timeAlt+Period (.)Option+Period (.)
Go to next day/weekCtrl+Alt+Right arrow keyControl+Option+Right arrow key
View workweekCtrl+Alt+2⌘+Option+2
Save/send meeting requestCtrl+S⌘+S

We guarantee you that we have mentioned all the available Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams in the above article. If we have missed any of the shortcuts, share them with us in the comment section below.

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