Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickTime Player [Updated 2022]

50+ latest and updated keyboard shortcuts for QuickTime player list is here. Learn and share you experience with us.

QuickTime is a multi-format video player and editor for Mac that comes built-in on all the computers. It gives you a smoother playback of all format videos, including DVD, MPEG, etc. You can also do basic video editing in it and can export up to 4K. Every time using the mousepad and performing an action will make most of the users uncomfortable. So here we give you the list of 50+ keyboard shortcuts for QuickTime player, which can give you easy navigation and saves you a lot of time.

Make sure to bookmark this shortcuts page. If you forget any of the shortcuts, then you can easily access them from your Bookmarks bar.

Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickTime Player

Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickTime Player

QuickTime player has many features like movie playback, editing, etc. So we split this guide into four parts namely,

  1. For basic tasks.
  2. For movie playback.
  3. Shortcuts for video editing.
  4. Shortcuts to change the view.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Basic Tasks

New movie recordingOption-Command-N
New screen recordingOption-Command-N
Open location using a URLCommand-L
Close windowCommand-W
Show Movie InspectorCommand-I
New audio recordingShift-Command-N
Open fileCommand-O
Open Image SequenceShift-Command-O
Save fileCommand-S
Minimize windowCommand-M
Show export progressOption-Command-P

Keyboard Shortcuts for Movie Playback

Play or pause the currently playing movieSpace bar
Stop the playback and get back to one frameLeft Arrow
Get back to the beginning of a movieOption-Left Arrow
Cycle through rewind speedsCommand-Left Arrow
Cycle through custom rewind speeds (1.1x to 2.0x)With the movie playing, Option-click the rewind button. 
Cycle through custom forward speeds (1.1x to 2.0x)With the movie playing, Option-click the forward button. 
Turn the volume upUp Arrow
Turn the volume up to the maximum levelOption-Up Arrow
Loop the movieOption-Command-L
Play or pause all the moviesCommand-Return
Stop the playback and go forward one frameRight Arrow
Go to the end of the movieOption-Right Arrow
Cycle through fast-forward speedsCommand-Right Arrow
Turn the volume downDown Arrow
Turn the volume down to the minimum levelOption-Down Arrow

Video Editing Shortcuts

Select allCommand-A
Rotate leftShift-Command-L
Rotate rightShift-Command-R
Flip horizontallyShift-Command-H
Flip verticallyShift-Command-V
Split clipCommand-Y

Keyboard Shortcuts to Change the View

Enter full-screen viewCommand-F
Exit full-screen viewCommand-F or Esc
Display movie at actual sizeCommand-1
Fit the movie to the screenCommand-3
Fill the screen with the movieCommand-4
Display the movie in panoramic modeCommand-5
Increase the movie sizeCommand-Plus Sign (+)
Decrease the movie sizeCommand-Minus Sign (-)

The above are the available shortcuts you can use in the QuickTime player. We hope that the above article saves you lots of time. Did we miss any shortcuts? Do share them in the below comments section. We will add it to our keyboard shortcuts list.

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