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Payment Plan on Apple Watch: How to use Apple Cards

Use your Apple Watch to make payment plans and start using it to pay.

We all know how expensive Apple devices are. Privacy features and long life of the device are the major reason for the huge price tags. Due to this, a lot of people can’t afford Apple devices, specifically Apple Watches. The Apple Watch Series 5 is priced at $399 and $499 whereas the counterpart Google’s Smartwatch is priced at $89.99. To get the maximum sales, Apple introduces a different payment plan on Apple Watch and other Apple devices.


Apple Cards

Apple stepped into financial services by introducing Apple Cards. It was launched on August 20, 2019. As of now, the Apple Card is available in over 40 countries. Apple Cards are more like credit cards but can be used to buy only Apple products.

Payment Plans on Apple Watch

Features of Apple Cards

The things you can do with the Apple Cards are endless and you can claim z lot of offers & deals with it.

  • Your Apple Card money transaction is controlled by the Wallet app on iPhone. With the Wallet app, you can pay money from your Apple Card.
  • The built quality of the Apple Card is a notable thing. The card is made of Titanium.
  • When you make a transaction on Apple Card, you will get cashback. The cashback is real money and will be credited to your Apple Cash account.
  • If you use Apple Card via Apple Pay, you will get 2% Daily Cashback. Apple Pay is accepted in more than 70% of merchants in the USA.
  • When you use your Apple Card to purchase specific brands like Nike, Uber, T-Mobile, Walgreens, you will get 3% Daily Cashback.
  • Apple Cards will have the same security and privacy features as other Apple devices. Your transactions won’t be leaked or hacked under any circumstances. The card has no numbers printed on them, it has a virtual card number for transactions so that you only can use it.
  • With the Apple Cards, you can buy any new Apple products with interest-free.

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Payment Plan on Apple Watch

Now, you got a basic understanding of Apple Cards and its features. Let us know how it will benefit the Apple Watch purchases and its payment plans.

Payment Plans on Apple Watch

As of now, Apple Watch has not listed under the Apple Card Monthly Installments eligible products. Only iPhones, iPad, Mac, XDR Display, Apple TV, HomePod, AirPods, and other Apple accessories like Apple Pencil, iPad Keyboard, Pro Stand, VESA Mount Adapter, Afterburner Card, Apple Branded iPad Cover, and Apple Branded Mac Cover available.

In the coming years, we can expect Apple Watches too. Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook said that Apple has plans to add more products in the monthly installment plans. Maybe after the end of the Corona pandemic. The best thing about Apple Card Monthly Installments is that every month you will get cashback every month in addition to interest-free.

From the Apple Cards, it is evident that Apple is trying to push peoples into their environments. With Apple Cards only eligible for Apple products, a lot of other brands users will try to get Apple devices. So, as a business perspective and as a consumer perspective, it is a win-win for both. Get ready to get a new Apple Watch using the Apple Card Monthly Installment payment plan.

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