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How to Play Shuffleboard on iMessage

Play Shuffleboard game on iPhone through iMessage.

Key Highlights

  • Via iPhone – Launch iMessages → Choose any conversation → Tap the App Store icon → Hit the Search icon → Search for GamePigeon → Hit the Get button → Tap the GamePigeon → Choose the Shuffleboard game → Send an invite request to your friend and play the game.

On your iPhone, you can play games while chatting with your friends on iMessage. Using the GamesPigeon, you can install games like 8 Ball, Archery, Gomuku, and Tanks on iMessage. To play the Shuffleboard game on iMessage, you need to make sure that the iMessage is activated on your iPhone.

How to Get Shuffleboard on iMessage

The Shuffleboard game is not available as a standalone app. So, to play the game, you need to install GamePigeon from the App Store.

1. Open the iMessage app on your iOS device.

2. Now, choose any chat from your Messages app.

3. Select the App Store icon next to the typing box and tap Search.

Tap App Store

4. Enter the app name GamePigeon using the on-screen keyboard and search for it.

Search for Game Pigeon

5. Choose the app from the search results and tap the Get button.

How to Play Shuffleboard on iMessage

6. Once installed, tap the GamePigeon icon from the app drawer to view the games.

How to Play Shuffleboard on iMessage

7. From the list of available games, choose the Shuffleboard game.

8. Tap the Send button to send an invite request to friends or family.

9. After accepting the request, you can start playing the game.

How to Play Shuffleboard

When you and your friend are online, you can play the game through chats.

1. Choose a map to play the game. Map 1 is available for free. The rest of the maps are available only on the paid version.

2. Send a message if you want and click the Send button.

3. In the map, you can see different numbers. Those numbers indicated no. of points that you can get if your puck lands there.

4. When your turn comes, you will get the slider to adjust the striking position of the puck.

5. Now, set a trajectory to the desired point. To increase the hitting power of the puck, drag the puck in an upward direction.

6. Once you have set the position, trajectory, and power, tap the Launch button to shoot.

7. Your puck will land based on the trajectory. You will get 2 more attempts. Try to get a maximum number of points.

8. After that, your opponent will take the turn.

9. Like this, you will get 3 tries with 3 attempts. After that, the winner will be decided based on the points scored.

How to Turn On/Off the Shuffleboard Sound

If you wish to play the game without any sound or music, then you can follow these steps.

1. First, navigate to the Shuffleboard game screen on your iOS device.

2. Then, tap the Gear icon at the bottom left side of the screen.

3. Now, choose the Music button to turn on/off the game music.

4. If you wish to turn on/off the sound effects, tap the Sound button.

5. You can also use the customization feature to change your characters’ appearances, like hair, headwear, clothes, facial expressions, and more.

Other Popular Games Available on iMessage

  • Cobi Hoops
  • Boggle with Friends
  • Mr.Putt
  • Scribble Chat
  • Truth Truth Lie
  • WIT Puzzles
  • Bubble Bop
  • WIT Puzzles
  • Mini-golf
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Hang_Man
  • Cobi Darts

Points to Remember Before Playing Shuffleboard on iMessage

Some of the points to know before playing Shuffleboard on iMessage.

  • Before playing the game, read all the rules and hacks to get more points.
  • Make sure that you shoot the puck within the time limit. If you exceed the limit, you will lose your turn.
  • Use all the types of shots available in the game to get more points.
  • Use the Bumpers for long-range shoots.
  • Apart from scoring points, you can also push your opponent’s puck to the low-scoring area to decrease the points.


1. Is Sudoku available on GamePigeon?

No, Sudoku is not available on the GamePigeon.

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