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Is it Possible to Get UFC Fight Pass Free Trial?

Unfortunately, UFC is not offering free trial for Fight Pass subscription.

Key Highlights

  • Currently, there is no free trial on UFC Fight Pass.
  • Sign up for a monthly subscription to test the features and the media library.

UFC is a mixed martial art fighting event loved by fans worldwide for its intense knockouts and breathtaking action. You can watch this fighting event by subscribing to UFC Fight Pass. The UFC Fight Pass subscription is available all over the world. Earlier, UFC offered a 7-day free trial for the Fight Pass to new subscribers. Currently, they have stopped offering the free trial for some reason. Therefore, you must sign up for a monthly subscription to test out the features and library.

UFC Fight Pass Pricing

The UFC Fight Pass offers two different subscription plans to users.

  • Monthly Plan – $9.99/month
  • Annual Plan- $95.99/year

How to Sign Up for UFC Fight Pass Monthly Subscription

1. Open a browser on your smartphone/desktop, and visit the official site of UFC Fight Pass.

2. Click on Sign up now on the website’s home page.

Official site of UFC Fight pass

3. In the first step of your Sign up process, choose the monthly subscription plan by clicking on Select Licence.

UFC Fight pass subscription

4. In the next section, enter your email address, password, full name, address, and zip code. Click on Continue once you have filled in the necessary details.

Creating an account

5. Next, select the Terms and Conditions check box and click Submit.

Accepting terms and conditions

6. Finally, choose your payment method. If you have a Promo code for UFC Fight Pass, you can use it to avail your plan with less amount. After completing the payment method, you can start streaming the UFC Fight Pass content.

UFC Fight Pass payment

If you have bored of watching the martial fight, you can cancel your UFC Fight Pass subscription at any time.

Note: UFC may introduce a free trial of UFC Fight Pass in future tournaments or events. So, keep an eye on the notification on the official website.

How to Watch UFC for Free

If you aren’t interested in purchasing the UFC Fight Pass, you can use the following third-party platforms to stream the event for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is UFC Fight Pass free?

No. UFC Fight Pass is a subscription-based streaming pack. To stream and watch the matches of your favorite star, you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

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