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What Does SUS Mean in Among Us and Text

Sus is generally used as a synonym of suspicious or suspect.

SUS means suspicious or suspect. It is an internet slang that was popularized by Among Us game. Slang words are very common these days, especially among teenagers. Social media is the main reason behind slang terms. Initially, these words originated while texting. But some of these words are even incorporated into speaking based on their familiarity. SUS means a shady or untrustworthy person. Though the meaning of this term doesn’t change, it becomes more stylish.

The Among Us game banner with characters wearing spacesuits and backpacks. The imposter has a knife.

Suspicious on Among Us

Among Us game in 2020 popularized the short notation SUS. It is the catchphrase of the game. ‘Among Us‘ is a multi-player and social-deduction game, including two types of players. Players either need to survive or kill another player, depending on the team they play for. If they are one among Crewmates, they need to survive, and if they are among Imposters, they need to kill the crew. So the Crewmate players use the term SUS for someone they suspect to be a murderer.

Among Us running on Apple iPhone

This game is available for iOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The game reached its peak in the year 2020, and thus it’s catchphrase too. This mafia-themed game definitely left behind its mark by the slang term for suspicious/suspect.

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Usage on Social Media

After gaining popularity among the players, it became viral on social media. Players of ‘Among Us’ used the term in TikTok and Snapchat. Words and stickers like Kinda SUS and Mad SUS are everywhere from Instagram, Snapchat to Twitter and Facebook. Kinda SUS means suspicion, which is not very strong, and Mad SUS is strong suspicion.

SUS meme on social media, with judge referring to an accused as Sus

SUS was one of the top ten trending words in 2021. Though the word originated as police jargon in England in the 1930s, it still remains in use. Slang words may lose their familiarity then and now. Certain scenario or social activity brings them back to trend, and they will lose their effect when the situation fades. It is advisable to know these slang and their purpose. You become versed with this slang if you have a teen kid or know someone below 20. These words come into a trend only because of the teen users and later get into regular usage among all.

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What does Suss Out mean?

It was mostly used in the UK. The word was derived from the British variant, Suss.

to find or discover (something) by thinking

to inspect or investigate (something) in order to gain more knowledge

Usage of the word ‘suss out’

I have to suss out whether he really was present at the event.

I think I’ve got him sussed out.

My intuition tells me I am being sussed out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sus in Among Us mean?

Sus is the shorthand notation for Suspicious. The crewmates call out this word to tell whether an imposter is trying to murder or

What does Sus mean in texting?

Sus in SMS or texting would mean expressing suspicion. For example, one could send an SMS as “I really sus his intentions.”

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