Best Chromebook Apps for Kids in 2022

Turn Chromebook into a learning device for you Kids with the Best Chromebook apps for kids.

It is really a tough task to keep kids entertained and productive in the tech era. With the Chromebook in hand and the internet connection, it is quite easier. Chromebook is not only lightweight but is also compact, portable, and has a better battery. It is affordable and designed primarily for educational purposes. Also, it includes the support for loads of apps and extensions. If you are concerned about letting your kids use the Chromebook usefully, then you should take great care to choose apps for kids that they will find worth using. Whether you want your kids to learn content, play games, or do anything more, you may choose any of the best Chromebook apps for kids from here.

Best Chromebook Apps for Kids

Our handpicked list of best Chromebook apps for kids includes the following titles. Make sure you have updated your ChromeOS with the latest version. Only then, you can access certain apps from Play Store on Chromebook.

  • YouTube Kids
  • Quento
  • Beach Buggy
  • Duolingo
  • Where’s My Water?
  • Epic
  • ScratchJr
  • Angry Birds
  • Grammaropolis Complete
  • DragonBox
  • IXL
  • Alto’s Odyssey

YouTube Kids

Let your kids explore the web safely with the help of YouTube Kids on Chromebook. It has a family-friendly interface and was developed just for the kids. YouTube Kids app will provide a safe place for kids to explore and learn contents that are relevant to them. The videos available for kids in the YouTube Kids app are based on automated filters, human reviews, and feedback from parents. YouTube Kids is one of the few apps that offer a lot of parental control options. It allows parents to customize the child’s screen time, blocking videos, and flagging inappropriate content. From the watching it again page, you will be able to find the contents your kids have watched.

YouTube Kids - Best Chromebook Apps for Kids


If your kids love playing puzzles, then get Quento on Chromebook. It is an ad-free math app that is fun to play by people of all ages including kids. Quento is a mental arithmetic game that provides great relaxation. Kids can play games without any time pressure and they can even ask for a hint. It has a special puzzle of the day and they can also compare their gameplay with other friends. With the Quento app, children can play endless rounds of quick play with different sets of numbers along with a zen mode.

Quento - Best Chromebook Apps for Kids

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is one of the best racing games, not only for Chromebook but also for smartphones. As the game contains kid-based race tracks and characters, Beach Buggy Racing will be a good entertainer for your kids. There are a total of 14 characters and 48 cars in the game. On completing one level after the other, you will unlock all the characters and cars. The exciting thing about the game is the powerups. You will get 47 exciting powerups in the game.

Beach Buggy Racing


If you want your kids to learn different languages of the world from Chromebook, then get Duolingo. It is a free app to learn a new language with ease. Duolingo is a fun and learning app to improve your spoken English. It is free forever and kids can learn without any ads. The lessons on the app will adapt to your learning style over time. Exercise, learn, and review vocabulary tailored for your kids. Find the answers you got correct instantly and improve language learning quickly. Duolingo motivates users with rewards like virtual coins.


Where’s My Water?

Indulge your kids to play physics-based puzzle games on Chromebook with the Where’s My Water? app. It is a brain game in which your kids have to help different alligators to provide them with the necessary water. The gameplay uses life-like mechanics, multi-touch controls, awesome graphics, and a soundtrack. Where’s My Water? has 4 unique stories and features Allie, Cranky, and Mystery Duck in addition to Swampy. It has more than 500 puzzles and children should use their creativity to solve the puzzles. You have to deal with special items, bonus levels, and challenges designed for each character to unlock new bonus levels.

Where's My Water - Best Chromebook Apps for Kids


With Epic on Chromebook, kids under the age of 12 can read the eBooks from the biggest library. It supports unlimited access to more than 10000 high-quality books for kids and thus they can explore their interest to learn something new. Epic includes audiobooks, learning videos, and quizzes in addition to the eBooks. With Epic for Home, your child can read and learn anything with a 30-day free trial and after that, it costs $7.99/month. Despite this, Epic is useful for educators and librarians.



Introduce your kids to programming language in the early stage with ScratchJr on Chromebook. It will help them indulge in creating their own interactive stories and games. Despite this, they will learn to solve problems, design projects, and be creative on the Chromebook. The kids can alter the character in the paint editor, insert photos, and add their own voices and sounds. With ScratchJr, children will learn to use math and language to thereby develop academic skills. It will work with your kid’s personal, social, cognitive, and emotional development.

ScratchJr - Best Chromebook Apps for Kids

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds is one of the nostalgic games. Now, the revamped version, Angry Birds 2 has arrived. In the game, you will get the same birds with the same special abilities. In the Angry Birds 2 game, you will get to play with new levels and new challenges. Angry Birds on Chromebook will be a perfect companion for your kid. A lot of new features like Daily Challenges, Characters Level Up, and Clan requests are available.

Angry Birds 2

Grammaropolis Complete

Teach your children the basics of grammar with the Grammaropolis Complete app on Chromebook. It will let kids learn the parts of speech using animated characters in songs, videos, books, quizzes, etc. With Grammaropolis Complete on Chromebook, you can learn everything from pronouns, nouns, and conjunction. In addition, it even covers adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and interjections. Learning grammar is never this fun and easy without the Grammaropolis Complete app. Kids can take longer quizzers to be a part of neighborhood curriculum maps and quizzes.

Grammaropolis Complete


Download DragonBox on Chromebook and let your kids learn algebra secretly. It is an education app that deals with mathematics and algebra. With this app, kids can easily learn the basics of linear equations without knowing that they are learning. DragonBox features an intuitive gaming interface and is absolutely fun for kids to learn algebra. Further, it covers topics like addition, division, and multiplication. So, your children will get familiar with equation solving. It has 10 progressive chapters with 200 puzzles.

DragonBox - Best Chromebook Apps for Kids


Give your kids a personalized learning experience on Chromebook with the IXL app. It is a fun, easy-to-learn tool for the kids to understand content in various subjects. IXL covers topics in math, science, social studies, arts, and more. It has more than 7000 interactive skills with an adaptive learning environment. Your kids will get personalized skill recommendations based on their practice history. IXL on Chromebook will bring interactive questions from different topics. It lets kids learn the Spanish curriculum and helps them prepare for real-world interactions.


Alto’s Odyssey

Kids with Chromebook can get Alto’s Odyssey, interesting action gameplay. The users can visit the endless desert that is vast and unexplored. Alto’s Odyssey features Alto and his friends who are in search of secrets in the endless sandboarding journey. The gameplay is easy to learn but is difficult to master and the users need to complete 180 goals with intuitive controls. It lets you explore biomes from temples, dunes, canyons, and diverse landscapes. Secrets are available in the sky also you can find them with hot air balloons, wall riding, and moving grind rails.

Alto's Odyssey

The Chromebook apps for kids we have covered are a mix of Chrome extensions and apps from the Play Store. Just glimpse at the features of the kid’s apps from the above section and choose your pick for your children. By using these great apps, your kids will definitely take advantage of Chromebook.


1. Can children play games on Chromebook?

Yes, there are plenty of games available on Chromebook for kids.

2. Can you play Minecraft on a Chromebook?

No, Minecraft is not yet available for Chromebook.

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