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12 Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch [2021]

Install the best fitness apps on your Apple Watch and stay updated with your fitness metrics and health.

Apple Watch is one of the best tools to track your health and fitness metrics. With the in-built GPS, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and other tools, you can complete all your fitness and exercise need with ease. Despite having great built-in fitness tracker, there are some better options available in the iOS store. If you’re just getting started with the Apple Watch, we have picked some of the best fitness apps to supercharge your fitness.

Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

The below are the best fitness apps for Apple Watch which tracks your activities and suggests you ways to stay healthy.

1. Activity


Activity is the first application on our list of best Apple watch fitness apps. With the help of this app, you can track how much you move, exercise and stand from day-to-day. Just launch the app on your Apple Watch and enter the basic information about yourself. You will be notified when you reach your goals. On the home screen of this app, you will have three rings in different colours. Scroll down to find out the stats like how much time you spent in walking, workout and amount calories burned.

Price: Free

2. Strava


Strava is a standalone Apple Watch Fitness app for cyclists and runners. Download this app on your Apple Watch and record your run (outdoor/indoor), analyse your training and map your cycling route for free. The app will display the details like how long you’ve run, the distance you’ve travelled, your average pace in kmph or mph, and current heart rate. After finishing your session, you can record save your session details for future use.

Price: Free, in-app purchases also available

3. Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is a perfect running partner which comes with necessary tools to complete your fitness goals. The application is optimised to compatible with all generations of Apple Watch. The main advantage of using Nike+ Run Club is that you can take in weekly and monthly challenges. Thereby you can compete with leaderboards, unlock the achievements and encourage your friends as they are on the run.

Price: Free

4. MapMyRun


MapMyRun is a perfect fitness app for the avid runner. You can log over 600+ activities including gym workouts, Treadmill run, walking, cycling, yoga, cross-training, running and many more. Apart from tracking usual stats like heart rate, the distance covered, pace and workout duration, you can connect with 400+ devices with import and compare your session data. Purchase membership ($5.99/month or $29.99/year) to unlock the premium features like analysing your heart rate zone and the plans to complete your workout plans.

Price: Free, in-app purchases also available

5. SmartGym

Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Do you want to keep track of your workouts at the gym? Install SmartGym Fitness app on your Apple Watch. You can track all the stats including heart rate, amount of calories burned, distance travelled and more. The main part of this app is that it presents images and animations for more than 250 exercises. You can also add custom exercise with the images and animations. Moreover, the app is compatible with the Siri voice assistant. Along with Apple Watch, the app is also available for iPhone and iPad devices.

Price: Free, in-app purchases also available

6. Pocket Yoga

Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Pocket Yoga is the best fitness tracker for Apple Watch to keep up with your practice session. The app will show you the steps to go through the complete session. Select between 27 sessions according to the duration and difficulty that you want. The application has nearly 200 different practices to try. Along with above-mentioned details, you can also track the basic stats including calories burned, heart rate, workout duration and more.

Price: $2.99

7. Streaks Workout

Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Streaks Workout is a simple-designed and premium Fitness app available for Apple Watch. It provides you with the quickest and easiest way to start and complete your workouts. It will show you animation for nearly 30 equipment-free workouts along with your heart-rate. You can also improve your technique and posture with the tips on this app.

Price: £4.99

8. Runkeeper

Apple Watch Fitness Apps

Runkeeper is a dedicated Apple Watch Fitness App for the runners. Install this fitness app on your Apple Watch and monitor all your activities like walking, riding, hiking, running, jogging and many more with the help of in-built GPS feature. The app also shows you the tips to achieve your fitness goals. You can join in-app challenges and virtual running groups to get the rewards for your exercises. You can also share achievements with your friends and other fitness freaks. Join Runkeeper Go (premium membership) to get training plans from ASICS Institute of Sport Science.

Price: Free, In-app purchases also available

9. MyFitnessPal

Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

The main part of Fitness is that you should control and maintain your diet regularly. MyFitnessPal is the best food tracking app available for Apple Watcha and other iOS devices. It is the best companion to know how much calories you want to burn today, the distance you’ve walked and what kind of nutrients you want to eat. It also records all the exercises you’ve performed on the day. Even though the application is free to download, you need to pay $49.99 per year to unlock the premium features.

Price: Free, In-app purchases also available

10. Workouts++

Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

Workouts++ is a fitness app to know exactly what you’re doing at the gym. If you want to know detailed statistics on your daily routine, them Workouts++ is an ideal fitness app to download on your Apple Watch. You can view the detailed statistics of your workouts from the past sessions. The home screen of this app can be customised with the data which is relevant to you. If you are a new person to the gym, Workouts++ isn’t ideal for you. It doesn’t teach you how to do anything.

Price: $0.99

11. Gymaholic

Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

Gymaholic is the easiest app to track all your workouts through your Apple Watch. You can track nearly 500 different exercises from squats to HIIT workouts, bodyweight training and other forms of exercises with the 3D animations. Just enter the details of your workout in the app and it will display you all the stats like average heart-rate, amount of calories you’ve burned, amount of weights you’ve lifted and more.

Price: Free, in-app purchases also available

12. Keelo

Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

Keelo is a free fitness app to download and use on your Apple watch. You can also purchase an annual subscription ($89.99/year) to unlock the premium features. With this app, you will get daily full-body workouts which combine strength cardio workouts and conditioning training. You can personalize your program according to your workout history. Overall, Keelo is like keeping a personal trainer on your watch.

Price: Free, in-app purchases also available

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Our Opinion

If you’re looking for the best fitness apps to boost your fitness, then the list is for you. By installing these fitness apps on your watch, you can stay tuned with your regular activities like walking, jogging and exercise. These apps notify you about the activities and suggest you ways to stay healthy.

Try these fitness apps on your Apple Watch and tell your favourite in the comments section. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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