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How to Type a Check Mark Symbol on Keyboard

Here is the trick to insert Check Mark symbol anywhere or on any document.

Inserting a special character isn’t a complex thing when it isn’t available on the keyboard. A check mark or tick indicates the content is verified or the answer is correct. With the absence of a dedicated check mark key on the keyboard, you should indeed learn how to make it. Hence we have come up with this article on how to easily type or insert a check mark symbol on the keyboard.

Check Mark Symbol on Keyboard

You may follow this section below to insert a check mark symbol on the keyboard.

On Windows PC

Using Alt Key

The most simple option to insert a check mark symbol is by using the Alt key code.

Note: Keep Num Lock turned on.

(1). Open Microsoft Notepad.

(2). Press and hold the Alt key and type 251 on the numeric keypad.

(3). When the check mark appears, gently release the Alt key.

Using Character Map

Windows PC users can insert the check mark symbol using the Character map by following the steps given below.

(1). Use the search box on the menu bar to find and launch Character Map.

Open Character Map

(2). Click on the drop-down icon on the Font field to select Wingdings.

(3). Scroll down till you find the Check Mark symbol.

(4). Double click the check mark and click on the Copy button.

Select Check Mark-Check Mark Symbol on Keyboard

(5). Press Ctrl+V to paste it into the desired program.

Using Insert Tab

Those using Microsoft Word documents can insert a check mark symbol using the Insert tab Ribbon.

(1). Open the Word document and click on the Insert tab.

(2). Select Symbol to click on the More Symbols link.

Select Symbols

(3). Under the Symbols tab, choose Wingdings under Font type.

Select Wingdings

(4). Scroll to choose the Check Mark symbol.

(5). Click on the Insert button and you will be able to see the tick mark symbol next to the cursor blink.

Click on Insert Key-Check Mark Symbol on Keyboard

(6). In the Character code box, enter 2705, 2713, and 2714 to get different types of check mark symbols.

Using AutoCorrect & Shortcut Key

Carry out the steps given below when you are done with the steps above.

Tip 1: Click on the AutoCorrect button to add a word that will replace you with a tick mark. For instance, enter chck on the Replace field and click Add and then OK. Upon typing chck on Excel or PowerPoint will insert a tick mark.

Add to AutoCorrect-Check Mark Symbol on Keyboard

Tip 2: Click on the Shortcut Key button. Press the combination of your choice under Press new shortcut key. For instance, Ctrl+ / and click the Assign button.

Assign Keyboard Shortcut-Check Mark Symbol on Keyboard

FYI! Those using Excel or PowerPoint can open the file by clicking on the Font tab. On the drop-down, select Wingdings font type. Press the Alt key and type 0252 using the numeric keypad.

On Mac PC

Just like Windows, macOS lacks check mark symbol on the keyboard. But you can insert it by following the steps given below.

(1). Hover to the Finder menu to click on the Edit tab.

(2). Select Emojis & Symbols option.

Tap on Emojis and Symbols

(3). On the search bar, type as check mark.

(4). Choose tick mark symbol and enter into the document.

Using HTML Code

If the text editor you are using supports the HTML codes, like WordPress, you can use the code to enter the check mark symbol.

&#9745 for ☑
✓ for ✓
✔ for ✔

Similarly, for the Latex, you can use the shortcode, \check mark to enter the tick mark symbol. With just two minutes of your time, you have learned to insert the Check Mark symbol on a keyboard with ease. If you know any other ways to insert the check mark or tick symbol, let us know in the comments below. For more useful content updates, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


1. How do you make a check mark symbol on the keyboard?

You can use the Alt codes or the Character Map tool to enter the check mark symbol.

2. Where is the check mark symbol on iPhone & iPad keyboard?

For iPhone and iPad, there is no check mark symbol available. You have to copy-paste the symbol from any of the websites.

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