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How to Stream ESPN on PS4 [PlayStation 4]

Get the ESPN app on your PlayStation 4 console and watch all the live sports matches.

ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) provides coverage of a wide variety of sports and sporting events, like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. You can watch the ESPN video content through cable and satellite providers, as well as through streaming services such as ESPN+. If you are a gamer and have a PS4 console, you can install the ESPN app from the PlayStation Store. After an exhausting gaming session, you can tune into the ESPN app on your PS4 and watch any of the sports content.

How to Download ESPN App on PS4

[1]. Turn on your PS4 console and the connected TV.

[2]. Connect your PS4 to the WiFi network.

[3]. Go to PlayStation Store on the home page.

PlayStation Store

[4]. Click on Search and type ESPN on the search bar.


[5]. Select the ESPN app from the search results.

[6]. Click on the Download button to install the app.

[7]. After installation, launch the ESPN app on your PlayStation 4 console.

By using the same steps, you can also install the ESPN app on your PS5 console.

How to Activate ESPN+ on PS4

You can activate ESPN Plus on PS4 by using the ESPN activation code.

[1]. Open the ESPN app on your PS4 console.

[2]. Select the Settings icon (gear icon) on the ESPN app.

ESPN app Settings icon

[3]. Select the Subscription button on the left side.

[4]. Then, click on the Subscribe button.

Click the Subscribe button

[5]. Now, you can see the activation code on the screen. Note down the code.

ESPN activation code

[6]. Go to the ESPN activation website ( usign your smartphone or PC.

[7]. Enter the activation code and click the Continue button.

[8]. Sign in with your ESPN account to complete the activation.

Activate ESPN on PS4

How to Stream ESPN on PlayStation 4

Once you activate the ESPN+ on your PS4, follow the below steps to stream all the sports content.

[1]. On the ESPN app, go to the ESPN+ section.


[2]. You will get all the live sports events that are happening around the world.

[3]. In the Featured tab, you can get the trending sports matches.

[4]. In the Originals section, you can access documentaries, series, and movies related to sports.

[5]. If you want to search for a specific event or a video title, click the Search icon and search for the event.

[6]. In the Browse section, you will get saved video content and personalized recommendations.

Subscription Plans

ESPN+ subscription is required to stream the live sport in the ESPN app on PS4.

Monthly Plan$9.99/month
Yearly Plan$99.99/year

ESPN+ is a separate service from ESPN cable channels, and it requires a separate subscription. While buying the subscription, do it only on the ESPN website (or Hulu or Disney+ website) to get the bundle (ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu).

How to Fix ESPN App Not Working on PS4

The ESPN app on PS4 is not working properly for many users. In the Reddit forum, a lot of users are complaining that the ESPN app is not streaming any content after updating the PS4 console. Right now, there is no permanent fix for the issues. However, you can try some of the common troubleshooting tips to fix the “Unexpected Error Content Currently Unavailable” issue.

  • Go to the Downdetector website to check whether the ESPN server is down. If there’s an issue with ESPN servers, be calm until it gets sorted.
  • If there’s a loading problem on PS4, try to restart your console and check if the issues are resolved.
  • If the activation code shown on the ESPN app is not working, close the app and launch it again to get the new code.
  • Check for an update on the ESPN app. If there is an update, install it immediately and check whether it’s working or not.


1. Does ESPN+ offer a free trial?

No, ESPN+ is not offering any free trial. It offers you a monthly subscription ($9.99) or a yearly subscription ($99.99).

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