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9Anime – Watch Free HD English Anime Online

Visit 9Anime to binge watch your favorite Anime series for free.

9Anime is one of the most used animation websites. It features various anime episodes to stream and download. Moreover, you can even watch currently airing shows on this site and stay up to date. The catalog contains various subbed and dubbed movies, TV shows, and series. All the animations are categorized under various categories. It is one of the safe and reliable animation sites for users. Here is a detailed review of the 9Anime.

Is 9Anime Legal?

As far as its legality is concerned, 9Anime is not a legal site as the contents aren’t licensed properly. Distributing content without the owner’s permission and using ad revenue is a criminal offense in many countries. As far as viewers are concerned, there isn’t much trouble. But in various countries streaming from illegal sites is considered a crime. So, make sure to use a VPN to stream your favorite animated TV shows and series.

Why Use a VPN?

While streaming from sites that are illegal, you need to use a VPN to stay away from various trackers. The contents you stream are tracked by the Government, service providers, and others too. It may lead to some legal issues in various countries. So we advise you to use any of the powerful VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. to hide your IP address and stay anonymous on the internet. It will prevent you from various trackers. Moreover, some countries have banned some sites. So to bypass such geo-restrictions, you may need a VPN.


  • It features various anime shows of high quality.
  • There is no need for any registration and subscription.
  • You can watch all your favorite anime shows and download them without any limitation.
  • There is a section where you can find the schedules for the new shows and upcoming shows.
  • It also features trial anime.
  • You can get the anime site in a dark mode too.

Contents Offered

The site offers various animated movies and TV shows under the following several categories.

1. Demons
2. Historical
3. Horror
4. Sci-Fi
5. Shounen
6. Space
7. Supernatural
8. Drama
9. Mystery
10. Psychological
11. Seinen
12. Adventure
13. Comedy
14. Ecchi
15. Mecha
16. Action
17. Military
18. Josei
19. Music
20. Romance
21. Slice of Life
22. Fantasy
23. Kids
24. Superpower
25. Samurai
26. Magic
27. Harem
28. School
29. Police
30. Shoujo
31. Martial Arts
32. Vampire
33. Sports
34. Game
35. Parody
36. Cars
37. Thriller
38. Hentai
39. Dementia
40. Shoujo Ai
41. Shounen Ai
42. Dub
43. Yuri
44. Yaoi

Website Design

The purple & black color code of the website looks good in both bright and low-light situations. On the homepage itself, you have the video titles. On the Header section, you have a Search bar, Social media buttons, and the Sign In button. The Quick Filter section is placed on the right side of the webpage. In the banner section, you have 12 video titles that are trending right now.


When you scroll down, you will get the Recently Uploaded video titles. Then, at the bottom section, you have the estimated schedules for upcoming anime episodes. On the right side, you get the list of trending anime titles by Today, Week, and Month. On the webpage, there is the Language Change button. But, it not working for us.

How to Watch 9Anime?

1) From your phone or computer web browser, go to the 9Anime site.

2) Choose your genre from the top menu bar or scroll down where you can find the animations in alphabetical order.

9Anime Playbutton

3) Hover over any of the video titles. You will get the Play button and the Watch Now button.

4) Click any of the buttons to play the video content.

Playback Screen

The video playback screen is well designed with no cluttering. On the left side of the playback screen, you have the Play/Pause button, the Volume button, and the time stamp. It also has a playback slider where you can rewind or forward the video content with ease.


On the left side, you have advanced playback controls like 10-sec rewind, 10-sec forward, Download button, Subtitles button, Settings buttons, Pip mode button, and the Full-Screen toggle.


  • 9Anime is one of the best animation sites that offer animation content for free.
  • It offers various videos in HD quality, and you need not download any applications to stream.
  • You can watch the contents whenever and wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection and a web browser.
  • The offline download is available.
  • No need for registration, subscription, or sign-up process.


  • The site is not legal and thereby causing legal issues.
  • The ads are so annoying.
  • Animated movies can be added more.
  • Needs some improvement in the website design.


  1. AnimeDao
  2. Kissanime
  3. GoGoAnime
  4. Tubi TV
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. Funimation
  7. Animeheaven
  8. Animefreak
  9. Chia-Anime
  10. 4Anime
  11. MyAnimeList
  12. Hulu

9Anime has its own pros and cons giving you reasons to stream and not stream from the sites. Make sure to use a VPN to protect your security and privacy. Along with that, use an antivirus to prevent your device from malware. Given that, it is one of the best Anime sites to stream your favorite content. Follow Techown’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more review guides.


1. Is 9Anime still available?

Yes, 9Anime is working now without any issues. However, the old URL is not working now. They have shifted to a new URL.

2. Is 9Anime free to use?

Yes, 9Anime is free to use. You don’t have to pay a subscription.

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