NordVPN: A Complete Guide & Review [2022]

NordVPN is a paid VPN service available on the internet. It has a user base of more than 12 million people worldwide. With the internet hackers growing day by day, VPNs are becoming one of the integral parts of your smart device. To protect your personal information while browsing and to access any geo-restricted content, VPNs are being used. NordVPN began its services in 2012. If you are going to buy the NordVPN, completely go through this article and decide on your own.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Overview

No. of Countries59
No. of Servers5200+
No. of devices per plan6
Log FilesNo Logging Policy
Encryption256 bit AES/OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2.
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac, Routers, Browsers (extension).
Works in ChinaYes
Contact Support24/7, Email, and Help Center


  • Quick Connect Feature
  • No Logs
  • Bypass geo-restriction


  • Long-time to Refund
  • OpenVPN is not user-friendly

It is one of the fewest VPN that can unlock highly restricted sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

NordVPN Pricing

NordVPN is one of the cheapest VPN available. You get cheaper subscriptions per month if you opt for longer plans. It has four plans for users. All four plans come with a 30-day money refund option.

Get NordVPN.

Time PeriodPrice
1 Month$11.95
1 Year$83.88 ($6.99 per month)
2 Years$119.76 ($4.99 per month)
3 Years$125.64 ($3.49 per month)

There is no lifetime plan on NordVPN. The pricing may differ based on offers and coupons. If you want to buy the subscription, buy it on the NordVPN website. If you cancel the NordVPN subscription, you will get your refund within 30 days. You can’t avail for a refund if you bought from any other sources.

Image Source: nordvpn.com

NordVPN supports a bunch of payment options. PayPal is not supported earlier, but now it supports PayPal too. Alipay, WeChat Pay, Crypto Currencies, Credit Cards are the different kinds of payment options available on the NordVPN.

NordVPN supported devices

It is one of the popular VPN available and it is supported in almost all the smart devices.

Mobile DevicesiOS and Android
Desktop DevicesWindows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook
Web Browsers (Extensions)Chrome and Firefox
Streaming DevicesRoku, Amazon Firestick

Other streaming devices like Apple TV, Google Chromecast and video gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox doesn’t support NordVPN. But you can enable those devices with a secured WiFi connection.

Server Locations

When it comes to servers count, no VPN can compete with NordVPN. It has separate servers located in specific locations. In Europe alone, you can get 2440+ servers.

Server Location

In each location, you can find at least 2 to 4 servers. Having multiple servers in each location will ensure that you will get the connection from any one of the servers. HIgher the server means less load.

Check the full list of servers and locations

Key Features

NordVPN is filled with features that are mostly absent in most of the VPNs. Below are the key features of NordVPN.

Kill Switch: The VPN software will automatically abort your connection if any interruption occurs. Blocking and terminating other programs from accessing the internet.

DNS Leak Protection: NordVPN is protected with DNS Leak. All the internet traffic must pass through the DNS server. The server belongs to the user’s ISP (Internet Service Provider). Chances are higher that your ISP may sell your information to a marketing agency. Using this VPN will protect you from such leaks.

SmartPlay: SmartPlay technology ensures that you can access the streaming services content. Services like Netflix, Pandora, BBC, YouTube TV are available only in the US. With SmartPlay you can bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by these streaming services.

TOR Network Protection: If you are a user who wants to use the TOR network (dark web), NordVPN will route your traffic and change your IP before transferring it to the Onion browser.

Best for Torrenting and Streaming Services

There is a feature in NordVPN that is specially designed for torrenting and streaming. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, and YouTube TV will have high-level geo-restriction. To bypass those high-level geo-restrictions, you need to have highly encrypted VPNs.

Best for streaming services

For torrenting and streaming service, use Double Date Protection. If you turn on this feature, your traffic reaches and leaves the VPN server with encryption. Then the encrypted traffic will enter into another server and get encrypted ones again. In this way, you reach your destination more securely.

Having multiple servers in a location will easily enable Double Data Protection. For torrenting you need a good VPN to protect your IP address. With the Double Data Protection, and with 5000+ servers, it is one of the best VPN for torrenting.

In the case of streaming services, NordVPN can unblock high-level geo-restrictions. With NordVPN you can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sky Go, Disney Plus and many other streaming services. Netflix is known for its geo-blocking feature and this VPN is having the capability to bypass the geo-restriction of Netflix.

Customer Support

NordVPN has 24/7 live chat support. Their live chat supports works good for a VPN Service. You can ask for any queries, they will reply to you with a solution.

24/7 customer support
24/7 Customer support

If not, they will try to contact you through email. In email support, you can get more detailed information. The email response is also on time, you don’t need to wait for a long time to get the reply.

Other than live chat and email support, NordVPN has a support site. There you can find solutions to your problem in a step by step manner. This is most suited for beginners.

Does NordVPN have an Adblocker?

Yes, It has its own adblocker called CyberSec. It can block every pop-ads while browsing. You can block YouTube ads too. CyberSec is one of the best adblockers. Go to Settings and enable or disable the CyberSec option.

When you enable the CyberSec feature, it will monitor all your website visits. The moment you have directed to the website on your browser, CyberSec comes into play.

Image Source: nordvpn.com

It checks for the list of websites that are known for hosting spyware, malware trackers, or any harmful software. If the website comes under the list, CyberSec will block the website. When any particular website is blocked, you will see a warning message and you can’t go to that particular website.

NordVPN User Experience

NordVPN is easy to install and use. After purchasing the plan, click Download to install the app on your device. Open the app and click the Quick Connect to use the VPN. The connection process is very simple and you can connect to the server within minutes.

The User Experience is better not only on the VPN App but also on the NordVPN website. For beginners too, the VPN is pretty comfortable. Most of the features turned off and on with a single click.

If you are an expert in VPN services, you can also check the Advanced Settings like Custom DNS, Oofuscated Servers, Switch between OpenVPN and TCP/UDP. You can also open the mini-app for easy connection and to change the servers.

NordVPN Speed Test

NordVPN is one of the fastest VPN. With the 100 Mbps internet connection, you can get up to 75 Mbps. While the other VPNs will get up to 60+ Mbps.

NordVPN is one of the fastest VPN available. As we mentioned earlier, NordVPN can clock up to 75 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. It is more than enough for a VPN to say that it is one of the fastest. With the Quick Connect Feature, the download speed decreased to 4% and the upload speed decreased to 6%, which is barely low.

Speed test

But with the Fastest server suggested by the VPN, there is a big drop. Downloading speed decreased to 75% and Uploading speed decreased to 86%. The results for choosing the server manually doesn’t show a bigger drop. So it is advised not to go for the fastest server suggested by the VPN. Choose any servers manually or set to Quick Connect Feature.

NordVPN Free Version

You can’t get the free version of NordVPN for free. But you can get a refund if you cancel the plan within a specified time.

Free version
Free Trial

NordVPN is not offering any free services. You need to buy any of its plans to get the VPN. If you are not satisfied with the services offered or you intend to use the NordVPN for free, you can cancel your plan. If you cancel within 30 days of your purchase, you can get a 100% refund. The refund will take a minimum of 30 days.

Note: The refund will take place only if you buy the plan in the NordVPN website. You can’t get a refund if you purchased the plan directly from the App Store.

Does NordVPN work in China?

In China, a lot of common platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix are blocked. With the Great Wall and Great Firewall of China, most of the top VPNs will fail to bypass the China security firewall. But not NordVPN. NordVPN is accessible in China due to its bulletproof encryption and military-grade protection.

Just download the NordVPN before entering into the country. You can’t download the NordVPN inside China. It is not impossible to download NordVPN, you may face some difficulties while downloading.

No Logging Policy

NordVPN doesn’t keep any logs. This was clearly mentioned on their website. NordVPN will never monitor your data like some other VPNs will do. It won’t track your session logging information like monitoring your IP address when you connect to its server. They monitor information like email addresses, payment data, and service performance.

No Logs Policy

Is NordVPN Safe?

NordVPN is a safe VPN. It doesn’t track any user data nor keeps any logs, it completely is safe to use. They are protecting the user data with the utmost security features. But in this tech world, no one can leave their name unmarked.

In March 2018, one of the servers in Finland was accessed by a user without any authorization. The user gained access to the server for a month by exploiting the insecure remote management system. Until today, NordVPN disclosed any information about the affected server. They revealed only the location of the server.

NordVPN is strong and well-reputed VPN, it will rectify any breach and come back stronger. Eventually, they came back with stronger protection. Now, It is back on track like nothing has happened. Every product is not 100% safe to use, NordVPN is not the safest VPN but a safer VPN.


NordLocker by NordVPN. It is a digital encryption tool that can be used to share files. NordLocker will secure your files that are stored on your computer or your cloud. It is one of the best tools to protect your offline files.


NordLocker will create an encrypted locker folder to store your files. You just need to drag and drop your file into the Locker folder, NordLocker will protect your file from preys. You can also share your encrypted files to others through any medium like email, cloud, or any transfer services.

You can get 5GB of NordLocker for free. If you want more than 5GB, then you can go for Premium. There are four plans similar to NordVPN. $8.00 per month, One Year Plan for $4.99 per month, Two Year Plan for $3.99 per month, Three Year Plan for $2.99 per month. With Premium, you can get unlimited storage.

NordVPN: Not Working

There are some cases that the NordVPN may not work properly. If you face any connectivity issues, restart your device and try again. Still, it won’t connect, try the below options.

  • If one server is not working, try another server.
  • Log out of the VPN and log in. Try to connect again.
  • Delete the app and re-install the app from the NordVPN website.
  • On the computer, disable all the firewall and try again.
  • Troubleshoot your device and try again.

Is NordVPN worth buying

By considering its overall performance, NordVPN is absolutely worth the buy. If you commit yourself to the longest plan (3-year plan), you just need to spend $3.49 per month which is very minimal. NordVPN is a safe, secure, and fastest VPN with a lot of security features. With the increase of internet hackers, the need to have a VPN also increases. Install this VPN on your device and get secured browsing.

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