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How to Turn Off Voice on Roku Device [3 Ways]

Turn off the Voice on Roku device, if it is annoying.

Key Highlights

  • Settings: Press Home (on remote) → SettingsAccessibility Screen Reader/ Audio Guide → Off.
  • With Remote: SettingsAccessibilityAudio GuideShortcut EnabledAsterisk button (4 times)
  • Without Remote: Open the Roku app → Remote tab → Asterisk icon (4 times).

Most users prefer using Roku as it has a bundle of features. One of the unique features of Roku (streaming device or TV) is the Screen Reader (Also known as Audio Guide). This feature helps read the on-screen instructions for visually impaired people. Moreover, it also reads the text (Subtitles) on the streaming apps. If you accidentally enabled the Voice feature or turned it on by default, you can turn it off on your Roku device in multiple ways.

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku Using Settings

[1]. First, turn on your Roku TV and press Home on your Roku TV remote to launch the Home screen.

press the Home button

[2]. On the Home screen, select Settings.

click on the Settings option

[3]. Select Accessibility under Settings.

Select Accessibility

[4]. Next, select Screen Reader or Audio Guide.

Click on the Screen Reader or Audio Guide option.

[5]. Finally, select Off to disable the voice.

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku Using Remote

[1]. Go to Settings from the Home screen and select Accessibility from the list of menus.

Select the Audio Guide → Shortcut option.

[2]. Select Audio Guide Shortcut.

[3]. Now, you can see the Shortcut has been Enabled.

 turn on the Audio Guide on your Roku TV

[4]. Press the Asterisk button on the TV remote 4 times to turn Off/On the Voice narrator on your device.

press the Asterisk button  to Turn Off Voice on Roku

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku Using Remote App

[1]. Initially, check if your smartphone and Roku device are connected to the same WiFi network.

[2]. On your smartphone (Android or iPhone), open the Roku app and pair it with your Roku device.

[3]. Navigate to the Remote tab from the Home screen on the app.

[4]. Hit the Asterisk icon 4 times on the remote screen to disable the voice feature.

Hit on the Asterisk icon to Turn Off Voice on Roku

[5]. If the Voice feature on Roku is not turned off, tap the Home icon to launch the Home screen on Roku TV.

tap the Home icon

[6]. Go to SettingsAccessibility.

Go to Settings → Accessibility option.

[7]. On the next screen, select Screen Reader and choose Off to disable it.

select the Screen Reader option

How to Turn Off Descriptive Audio in Streaming Services on Roku

Apple TVSettingAccessibilityAudio description Off
HBO MaxPlay videoPress Asterisk (on remote) → Accessibility & Captions Audio TrackSelect a languageBack.
HuluPress the Up button on the remote → Settings AudioChange the language.
NetflixPress the Down button on the remote → Choose languageAudio Description.
Disney PlusPress the Asterisk button → LanguageAudio Description.
Prime VideoUp button on remote → Audio & LanguagesChoose the language.
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